What Are the Biggest SAP Hybris Implementation Project Mistakes?

SAP Hybris can provide a dependable cloud solution that helps improve the way you serve your customers. At the same time, it enables your business to reduce costs, achieve scalability, and eliminate the complexities associated with running and maintaining an effective customer engagement solution. However, certain factors can make SAP Hybris implementation ineffective or insufficient for your needs. Here are some of the biggest SAP Hybris implementation mistakes you should avoid:

  • Failure to plan the project well – Most businesses implement the latest technologies to speed up and improve certain processes. However, simply implementing SAP Hybris will not immediately guarantee the best results if you fail to consider the requirements of your business. To avoid that, be sure to consult with a seasoned SAP Hybris implementation specialist.
  • Not fully understanding CRM – CRM processes are not merely limited to what your existing software can do. SAP Hybris implementation should address the complexities experienced by customer service, sales, and marketing departments and teams and improve the way they work. Be sure to understand what SAP Hybris can do for your business to make sure that it is right for you and to prevent unnecessary complications and issues.
  • Doing it yourself – You may lack manpower or specialty when you implement SAP Hybris by yourself. Hence, it is highly recommended that you leave it to an expert who can give you advice and tips on the project, and help you implement the platform correctly.
  • Hiring the wrong SAP Hybris implementation partner – Be sure to hire certified experts who have at least a decade of experience in implementing Hybris and SAP solutions for web shops. These experts can help integrate functional areas with the platform, too, such as marketing, campaign management, and customer experience and optimization, so you get an all-in-one solution that can help you save time and money in the long run.

Author: The Knack Team

Short posts and insights shared by a group of Knack System’s SAP subject matter experts in the customer engagement, marketing, sales, commerce, and service space.

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