8 give-away signs that your company needs Service or Sales Cloud

The rules of engagement have changed: technology is changing the game and customers are changing the rules. Today’s customer is digitally connected, better informed, and has higher expectations. To win these empowered customers, your salesforce needs to have access to real-time data. From an organizational standpoint, we have entered into a digital whirlpool, and to get the best out of it, we need to empower our employees with tools that can provide them with a competitive advantage in the market.

The Smart Ways to Use the SAP Service Cloud - Live Activity Chat for Customer Service

The market around us has changed a lot. Customers don't want to extensively search for answers to their questions, nor do they want to wait days for companies to answer a question. If they can't easily find the answer and can't ask the question easily, they start researching alternatives. If this happens, the chance of successful sales is drastically reduced. For a company it, therefore, becomes increasingly relevant to engage with potential customers directly through the channel of their choice.


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