The Multiple User Store Options Available to Handle Single Sign-On Scenarios

Today’s advanced technology users are demanding single login capabilities, also known as single sign-on (SSO), to access multiple applications throughout the customer landscape.

Transporting changes between multiple tenants in SAP C/4HANA

SAP implementations are usually complex and involve a lot of customizations and configurations in order to meet the client’s expectations. In the initial project preparation phase, a decision is taken about the tenant architecture, i.e. the number to tenants required during the time span of the project. This decision is based on the SAP C/4HANA product fitment.

5 reasons why your sales team needs a CPQ solution

There is a saying that “Time is money,” and this is especially true for businesses where closing deals faster is of paramount importance to their revenue. In this era where information is easily available on the internet, customers are more informed than ever, they expect a quick response time.

The Power of a Single Click in SAP Signature Management by DocuSign

If you belong to the companies of today that believe in keeping things “current” and automate most processes and systems, you would have learnt that – despite the company’s best efforts – the most important transactions end on paper. A large percentage of companies still rely on time-consuming devices such as scanners, printers, and fax machines to get that last bit of paperwork signed off.

Target your campaigns and messages to the right audience with SAP Marketing Cloud’s geo-location segmentation

For every successful marketing campaign, the right audience needs to be defined to ensure customer-oriented interactions. This can be achieved by defining the right target groups that share similar attributes (for example, address, age, hobbies, purchasing habits, geo-coding, etc.) and adapting your marketing activities. You can achieve half the success by just focusing on the right audience, even before the start of the campaign.

An Overview of the SAP E-Commerce Platform

The SAP E-Commerce platform is hard to ignore as a leading e-commerce system. Because it’s been built on Java Spring, SAP Commerce is an easily accessible platform. A pioneer in digital commerce, Hybris was first founded in 1997 and later acquired by the German giant SAP, giving the platform an even stronger hand in the industry. Huge names in business use SAP Commerce, including internationally renowned and recognized brands and businesses, such as Samsung, Vodafone, Audi, and O2, making SAP Commerce one of the most popular systems in the market.