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Unlocking the Power of Composable eCommerce

Drive profitability through agile and flexible ecommerce ecosystems. See how Composable Commerce can turbocharge your...

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Maximize Your Sales with Effective E-commerce Testing

A Complete Guide to eCommerce Testing

How often do you test your e-Commerce website? Could you be missing the most...

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Checklist 2022 for your e-commerce business

A 5-point eCommerce readiness guide for a smashing holiday sales success.

Retailers, brands, and eCommerce giants will...

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SAP CX–Groupware Server-Side Email Integration: Make your sales team more efficient

SAP Customer Experience (CX) customers frequently have Office 365 (O365) as their primary collaboration tool. Recently,...

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Enhance End-to-End Sales Processes: Leveraging SAP CPQ’s Integration Capabilities with Other SAP Products

With the March madness out of the way, many businesses are settling down to figure out how to finally transform their...

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SAP Retail Execution (REX): Creating the perfect store experience for the modern buyer

It’s been said that collaborating with a major retailer offers lesser or moderately known brands with a wonderful...

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How businesses are improving technician utilization by leveraging SAP Field Service Management

If you are a business, challenges are inevitable. How efficiently you transform those challenges into opportunities is...

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Configure, price, quote (CPQ): A crucial piece of the manufacturing success puzzle

If you are in the industrial equipment and manufacturing business, you’d easily agree that quoting is often a...

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Here’s How To Crush the Biggest Shopping Days of the Year

The clock is ticking and we are quickly moving toward Christmas. But, fret not. We think there’s still sufficient time...

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Automate your wholesale business with SAP CPQ

The B2B wholesale distribution industry is weathering a quick shift in customer expectations. As technology progresses...

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