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Largely, selling of IM&C products brings to the fore the challenge of empowering sales teams, channel partners, and customers to precisely, dependably, and rapidly configure an order. A large chunk of IM&C firms in the industry often find this kind of configuration to be susceptible to errors and manually intensive, requiring a large investment of time and money to sort out. The best way to deal with an issue of such proportions is to adopt an augmented customer-centric approach, which allows for automation of order configuration, bringing about more process efficiency and a boosted customer experience. IM&C brands can curtail sales cycles, progress sales revenues, improve customer loyalty, and cut down costs only by leveraging greater insights that help craft customer-centric experiences.

How Knack Systems Can Help The IM&C Industry

In order to support IM&C brands in their journey to effectively transform their business digitally and rival the offerings of industry peers, Knack Systems brings together several factors to help handle new customer and operational insights for devising a sound digital strategy. As our team offers added insights into customer behavior and business processes, IM&C brands can fashion conclusive digital business plans for seizing fresh increase in profits and slashing costs internationally.

Knack Systems is a trusted partner to IM&C companies that want to benefit from advanced technologies, including the SAP Customer Experience solutions (CPQSalesService and Commerce focused). Discover how SAP solutions in combination with Knack Systems’ expertise can successfully boost your organization’s ability to compete in today’s digital economy. 


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