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SAP Service Cloud

Businesses are conscious of the fact that their customers anticipate flawless service moments. They hope that everything is fast and effortless. So obviously, rapidity matters, and so does amenity and dependability. And all this, irrespective of the platform that customers employ to engage. By leveraging machine learning, SAP Service Cloud can help your customer service team to close tickets quicker and help more customers.

Customer service management software decreases the quantity of time necessary to solve problems. SAP Service Cloud helps businesses to handle the intricacies of operating a service business. Knack Systems is a leading service provider for SAP Service Cloud solutions, having successfully completed projects ranging from the simplest deployment to complex business use cases. Our unified customer service management software provides you with a 360-degree view of customers — assisting businesses to improve customer satisfaction, appeal to fresh customers, and reduce service costs. Knack Systems is an implementation and Value Added Re-seller (VAR) for SAP Service Cloud. With our implementation of SAP Service Cloud, you can easily develop and encourage loyalty among customers.

Knack Systems offers customer service management software that assists your enterprise to finalize deals more quickly. By implementing the kind of customer service management software customized for your business needs, you will save money and time by not having to dedicate in-house professionals to create new code each time the software system is upgraded.

SAP Service Cloud is a SaaS-based customer service management software for customer service and support (CSS) from SAP, a longtime leader in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) space. SAP has been reported to be the leader in record-centric customer service management software by major analysts.


Realize digital transformation in your service organization with the following key features of SAP Service Cloud:

  • Multi-channel service ticket management across email, chat, phone, SMS, social media platforms, web self-service channels, and more
  • Automation features that allow Customer Service and Support departments to route, assign, and escalate messages within a single product framework
  • Knowledge base integration to allow your service agents to react consciously and steadily in real-time
  • In-Context social collaboration that enables service representatives to quickly ask questions and communicate feedback regarding particularly difficult cases
  • Personalization using unique features such as custom fields, tagging, reports, and more to give agents access to the exact information they are looking for at any point in time
  • Real-time analytics capabilities that help businesses understand key patterns across large volumes of customer complaints in order to uncover root causes and streamline CSS processes
  • Email and notes integration with Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, and Evernote to maintain all relevant customer information in sync
  • Full-featured mobile experience, so users can access the system and close out high-priority tickets while away from office
  • Seamless integrations with SAP’s other web-based products, such as Sales Cloud, as well as its popular on-premise systems such as SAP CRM and SAP ERP

With SAP Service Cloud, you bring to your organization:

  • An Installed database
  • Responsive offline mobile flexibility
  • Resource scheduling
  • Customer intelligence
  • ERP intelligence
  • Service Management

How We Can Help

From call center support to field service and account management, Knack Systems has helped customers leverage technology to create more refreshing, omni-channel customer experiences. As we have done for multiple customers across the Entertainment, Manufacturing, CPG, and Life-Sciences industries, Knack Systems will help you grow and retain more customers through actionable insights, faster and more accurate resolutions, and proactive support.

Combining our business process expertise with the deployment of AI-backed ticketing applications, knowledge-ware, customer feedback platforms, analytics, and more, we can strengthen all areas of your service experience to include your call center, order desk, technical support, and maintenance/repair process. We bring to the table:

  • Over 20 years of Customer Experience and E-Commerce experience
  • Robust Center of Excellence for integrated customer experience solutions
  • Diversified experience in multiple industries
  • A reputation for being ranked among the top global major players for SAP CX


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