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2211.8 SAP Commerce Cloud upgrades and impact on Knack Brava’s performance.

In late 2022, SAP introduced the eagerly awaited 2211 Commerce version. Fast forward to today, with the latest 2211.8 Commerce Cloud update, SAP has unleashed a wave of game-changing functionalities and features. Our expert consultants Naveen Reddy and Aadesh Jhanwar outline these upgrades and their impact on Knack Brava.

Knack Brava is our popular solution to meet the unique demands of modern B2B commerce for the manufacturing, chemical, building materials, and wholesale distribution industries. 

B2B ordering management solution

Knack Brava—an extension for SAP Commerce Cloud—breaks down the silos between manufacturers, distributors, channel partners, and customers, enabling a truly connected commerce ecosystem. 

Very excited at how simple the portal is to use, and like that it's in real-time (competitor sites take 24hrs to update).- Knack Brava customer, a leading global supplier of engineered products.

The latest upgrades by SAP have enhanced Knack Brava’s features and functionalities. Whether you're already a Knack Brava customer or considering it for your future needs, this article is your gateway to understanding how the recent upgrades have improved its performance even more and are keeping it aligned with SAP’s vision for Commerce Cloud. 

What’s New in SAP Commerce Cloud

The new release is a mashup of minor and major changes. Each refinement aims at streamlining your B2B order management and bringing your reps closer to the customer.

Among the standout features, the new SAP version introduces a composable and decoupled storefront, an array of fresh APIs, a cutting-edge cart library, seamless integration of screen reader technology, support for PDF and video CMS components, and the seamless amalgamation of login and registration data from SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Upgraded Libraries

The new libraries focus on faster page loads and security. Upgraded libraries and seamless architecture make the execution of API responses fast.

AddOns to Extensions

The SAP 2211 Commerce Cloud version has deprecated addons. 

Spartacus 5.2

Spartacus 5.2 comes with a new folder structure which offers seamless handling of code and better structure. Spartacus 5.2 version works with node version of > 16.

New Back Office design

SAP 2211 Commerce Cloud introduces a revamped GUI featuring redesigned icons and themes. A new side navigation widget optimizes space, creating a more expansive center layout.

Enhanced Smart edit With New Page Structure

Smart edit is easier and more convenient to use. A new feature of page structure allows users to manage content on the page with a tree structure.

Upgraded ASM

Upgraded ASM APIs fetch more customer list data, return customer 360 data, and create accounts for customers.

Better B2B Order Management With New Knack Brava

Keeping in line with SAP’s vision for Commerce Cloud, we have refined Knack Brava's capabilities. From lightning-fast page loads and fortified security to standardized codes, streamlined APIs, and enhanced error handling, our product’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. We’ve separated B2B and B2C requirements in the Spartacus folder structure and combined them with our compatibility with node version 18.

Faster page loads and security

Knack Brava now delivers faster page loads and better platform security. 

More standardized codes, faster API, and fewer dependencies 

Knack Brava was initially structured over an addon. To align with SAP’s latest upgrades, Knack Brava has also upgraded from add-ons to extensions. Our customers now receive more standardized codes, faster API, and fewer dependencies.

Better handling of errors and exceptions

Knack Brava now has new classes that handle errors and exceptions significantly.

Separate handling of B2B and B2C requirements

We've changed the Spartacus folder structure as per 5.2 requirements. B2B and B2C are separate. Knack Brava has upgraded to node version 18.

Timeline of Knack Brava Upgrades

At Knack Systems, we strive to keep our customers ahead of the competition by introducing regular updates and keeping our products aligned with SAP’s vision.  

We started Knack Brava on the 1905 version, upgraded it to CCV2 2011, and upgraded to CCV2 2211.8 in 2023. As of now, three major upgrades have been done 1905, CCV2 2011, and CCV2 2211.

About Knack Brava

Knack Brava is a B2B order management solution and collaboration platform that seamlessly connects your entire B2B network—from manufacturers, distributors, and channel partners to customers. Get one version of truth in the way you want to on the device of your choice.

Knack Brava makes life simple for every node in your network.

Your customers can

  • See products with images and their respective prices
  • Filter the products using the search and facets to get desired products
  • Get customer-specific prices

Your reps can

  • Get discount requests from distributors for specific products
  • Approve or reject discounts. Add comments.
  • Get approvals from managers. Make price adjustments.
  • See all open and approved quotes to distributors
  • Receive order requests with the discounted price
  • Collaborate seamlessly with customers
  • Create purchase orders
  • Create customer-specific deals 

Your distributors can

  • Place an order and get the products delivered.
  • Select their products and proceed to a checkout
  • See all the orders placed
  • Filter orders using different parameters or the product number
  • Cancel and return an order
  • Request for a discount
  • See approvals in quotes and draft orders

Your managers can

  • Stay connected to your reps in real time
  • Approve or reject job quotes using advanced built-in tools.
  • Approve or reject price adjustments on POs

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Author: Naveen Reddy and Aadesh Jhanwar

With a robust tenure spanning over 8 years, Naveen has expertise in steering projects and executing e-commerce implementations. He has orchestrated blueprint workshops to extract and translate intricate business requirements into functional specifications. His forte lies in identifying process gaps and crafting and presenting viable workarounds, ultimately securing stakeholder sign-off on pivotal design documents. Naveen has been deeply involved in end-to-end implementation and support projects, handling key roles as both a Functional Lead and Project Manager. The ability to effortlessly juggle and navigate multiple deliverables simultaneously is among his distinctive strengths.

Aadesh has a robust spectrum of expertise. From orchestrating integrations with SAP CPI and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to crafting integration objects, his proficiency extends to Jira, Jenkins, and Git. His skill set encompasses managing Catalog Synchronization, OCC APIs, and the Email Module within SAP Commerce. He has participated in end-to-end projects, encompassing roles from Developer to Tech Lead. Proficient in multitasking, team management, and issue resolution, he deftly navigates multiple deliverables while consistently delivering tailored solutions aligned with user requirements.


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