Finance Leaders and Their Potential for Innovation with SAP FI

Often, the Finance wing of organizations is considered to be skeptical about the rapid changes that are taking place in the digital world. Though finance leaders would need to take a step back to embrace the modern changes happening in the market, it is beneficial for the organization to adopt a stable paradigm that equips the business model that can accelerate cash flows/revenues.

Internet of Things: How to make this technological revolution less frightening for your business

In a time period where technology rules and things are altering very quickly, businesses are also mainting the speed to arrive on top of the game. Currently, the effect of the Internet of Things (IoT) on business is extremely large. IoT has developed favorable circumstances to propel businesses ahead effortlessly by intertwining inanimate devices/sensors with systems and prospects to gain priceless data over the internet.

The Responsive User Interface powered by Fiori – Should you switch to it? And why?

SAP introduced its C/4HANA system with a single user interface based on Microsoft Silverlight. Later on, SAP came up with another user interface by the name of HTML5, which is a more spontaneous and better-looking user interface than the previous one. With time, a great majority of the end and business users switched to the HTML5 user interface. And now, perhaps even more importantly, a third user interface is on hand in the SAP C/4HANA system, which is frequently made reference to as the Responsive User Interface — powered by Fiori.


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