Transporting changes between multiple tenants in SAP C/4HANA

SAP implementations are usually complex and involve a lot of customizations and configurations in order to meet the client’s expectations. In the initial project preparation phase, a decision is taken about the tenant architecture, i.e. the number to tenants required during the time span of the project. This decision is based on the SAP C/4HANA product fitment.

5 reasons why your sales team needs a CPQ solution

There is a saying that “Time is money,” and this is especially true for businesses where closing deals faster is of paramount importance to their revenue. In this era where information is easily available on the internet, customers are more informed than ever, they expect a quick response time. Even companies that have been very successful in the past are struggling to stay in the race as the business ecosystem has become highly competitive.

SAP C/4HANA & Your Way to a Successful EU GDPR Compliance

Individuals share their information with brands and organizations when they buy products or services, while attending events, and so on. They do this without any certainty that their information will be kept confidential or be passed on to other organizations. In addition, most of these organizations that collect information also pass it on to their own marketing teams and other organizations that want to target promotional materials to an audience of their choice. These organizations call these individuals and email them, often without their indication of interest or consent. Things become further complicated when these organizations get their hands on more critical information about individuals, such as that related to bank accounts, social security details, and political affiliations.

The ABCs of Sales Acceleration with CPQ

We aim for and take action based on (even though subconsciously) social proof in all spheres of life—inclusive of how we function and the buying decisions we make on the internet. That social proof holds more value when it comes from industry experts and analysts. And that’s why we need to take the latest analyst study — that states that CPQ, based on its potential benefits to customers, will dominate the business world in the future — seriously.

The Responsive User Interface powered by Fiori – Should you switch to it? And why?

SAP introduced its C/4HANA system with a single user interface based on Microsoft Silverlight. Later on, SAP came up with another user interface by the name of HTML5, which is a more spontaneous and better-looking user interface than the previous one. With time, a great majority of the end and business users switched to the HTML5 user interface. And now, perhaps even more importantly, a third user interface is on hand in the SAP C/4HANA system, which is frequently made reference to as the Responsive User Interface — powered by Fiori.


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