5 Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform in Business

December 17, 2018

A business that uses next-generation applications can work better with the SAP Cloud Platform. The platform lets you extend existing applications and build new apps in the cloud. SAP Cloud Platform is an in-memory platform designed for the highly data-driven, social, mobile, and networked user. This makes it ideal for a business that takes advantage of continuously evolving data sharing trends. It provides flexible subscription models and services for infrastructure, database, and apps. Because it is the only cloud platform that is built on SAP HANA, it is able to run and provide access to real time applications your business needs to succeed. Here are five other benefits of the SAP Cloud Platform for your busines

Feature-packed – The platform has many different features that can let you build, manage, and deploy cloud-based enterprise applications that go with your existing SAP and non-SAP solutions or extend them in the cloud or on premise. Flexible subscription models and other services for database, apps, and infrastructure enable easy access to SAP HANA's full power.

Expand the value of your existing applications – If you have existing enterprise solutions in the cloud or running on premise, SAP Cloud Platform offers connectivity through the cloud connectivity service. This way, you can streamline the integration of new applications with the assurance of the lowest possible overall cost of ownership.

Hasten time to value – SAP Cloud Platform can let you build and deploy consumer and business applications fast while ensuring new functionality that meets emerging business needs. At the same time, it lets you connect with customers through more engaging experiences.

Increase the productivity of developers – Open programming standards are supported, so developers can easily build enterprise applications to integrate with non-SAP or SAP solutions without learning new code.

Improve ROI, decrease costs – SAP Cloud Platform does not require up-front capital investment in software or hardware for partners and customers, resulting in a more cost-effective service with minimal risk. Once it is applied, SAP will manage platform operations to minimize the cost of deploying and developing cloud applications.

Author: The Knack Systems Team

Words from the in-house SMEs at Knack Systems.


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