Want the Power to Book An Order From a Coffee Meeting? Invest in the Right Solutions

February 15, 2019

I’ve frequently noticed one thing about Sales team members — they neither have the time nor the patience to capture and collect relevant information during client meetings. They don’t have the time to jot down points on their notebooks and then go back to office and book the order or send the information to their customers.

Most Sales team members invite their potential clients to lunch, dinner, coffee meetings, and so on and then try and crack deals. This year, I had a word with one of my friends — a vital member of the Sales team — and learnt that such meetings seldom work out in their favor due to a delay in getting and sharing the right information with the leads/opportunities. As I pointed out to him, what he and his team needed was a way to get relevant information at the right time and create the orders in the meeting in front of the customers. This could convert their pipelines into orders and help them crack more deals. However, the question then becomes, “Are there such solutions in place and, if yes, which of them suits the team’s needs the best?” The answer lies in scoping the market!

Need for mobile accessibility to data

So, what exactly do you need to do? Asked another way, what are sales teams across the globe to do to cater to the growing needs of customers for mobile accessibility — and why is the answer to this question so critical?

mobile accessibility

Mobile not only accords customers control, but enterprises too. And progressively, these very enterprises are developing mobile-specific setups that allow customers to look around and purchase.

In response to the changing needs in the market, SAP has introduced its mobile app that permits users to access the C/4HANA solution — anytime, anywhere. SAP customers are most likely the ones that are really enjoying 24/7 access to customer data from their mobile devices at no additional effort and cost at this point. SAP C/4HANA customers can download the mobile application from the app store and start using it.


  • No additional cost
  • No additional configuration
  • Easy to download and install
  • Supported by iPhone, iPad, android devices, Windows phones, and BlackBerry
  • Modern UI design and accessibility of data
  • Offline support
  • Packed with numerous features

Application Layouts



To be frank, I think more than 70% of sales users should have had access to the SAP C/4HANA mobile app by now, but I guess firms are still catching up to the trend. Committed sales personnel are most likely to recognize and benefit from the multiple features available in the mobile app, which provides business data whenever and wherever they need it. What are some the appreciable features? I’ve listed some of them down in the pictorial depiction below:

C4C Features

The app begins to benefit sales personnel primarily by providing real-time insights into their customer data. And, while the mobile version of SAP C/4HANA allows Sales to collaborate with their team members, it also does a good job with helping them communicate better with customers.

Anil Poply

Author: Anil Poply

Anil is a Managing Consultant – SAP Customer Experience (CX) at Knack Systems with over 10 years of experience across SAP CRM, ECC, and SAP CX solutions. He is a certified professional in Callidus CPQ (now part of SAP Sales Cloud) and SAP Cloud for Customer (now SAP Customer Experience). Anil has extensive experience in consulting for CRM solutions such as SAP CX, SAP CRM – Marketing, Sales, Service, Interaction Center, Middle-ware, and non-SAP application integrations such as Marketo, ExactTarget, Strongview, Silverpop, and so on. He has expertise in customer facing business processes for industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Distribution Retail, and Hi-Tech.


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