Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Here’s How To Crush the Biggest Shopping Days of the Year

November 23, 2020

The clock is ticking and we are quickly moving toward Christmas. But, fret not. We think there’s still sufficient time left for you to streamline your 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecommerce sales strategy.

With the bang-up job 2020 did with changing our lives completely and getting us to spend more time indoors, it’s quite natural that we expect to see yet another superlative year for holiday ecommerce sales.

Has your team braced itself for the upcoming amp up in traffic and transactions on these upcoming holidays? What about your ecommerce website? Here are our top three Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecommerce tips to arm your site for the craziest shopping time of the year:

1. Streamline the mobile site experience

Yes, desktops and laptops are still a thing with online shoppers. But during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, mobile transactions seem to be much higher than the other modes of purchasing. So, if you aren’t able to assure shoppers of a great mobile site experience, they will very easily move on to the next best option, which loosely translates into “your competitors.”

Optimize your ecommerce site with responsive design and UI with solutions such as SAP Commerce Cloud. Don’t make those in-a-rush shoppers have to pinch-and-zoom to see everything they want to see before they make a decision to purchase.

Next, give a thought to streamlining your mobile sales promotions. Why not start by personalizing customer experience? Based on the device type, you could even customize messages to an in-the-buying-process shopper to “buy something more for just x dollars more to qualify for free shipping!”

2. Make it work with eCommerce automation

Have you heard of eCommerce automation? It’s a thing. And if you haven’t been leveraging till now, you’ve been missing out. eCommerce automation helps you automatically unveil and also cut back discounts, make theme innovations, and showcase and hide products. This means less stress overall as your employees don’t have to work overtime to showcase new products on sale and take some other products off the rack every hour.

You also get to keep track of how big or small a discount was offered for each product so that now awkward customer confrontations happen later on. So yes, use eCommerce automation with sturdy solutions such as SAP Commerce Cloud — not just to boost your sales but also to optimize and automating your internal workflows.

3. Make sure your shipping and returns plan is solid

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are times when people are more prone to impulse purchases. And you know what that means: more returns, more potential cancelations. If you think a twisted return policy will keep them away from committing the crime, think again. You might just end up losing them for good instead.

It’s not that big a secret that consumers prefer buying more from eStores that guarantee reasonable return experiences. Some ways to improve this experience are automatic creation of return labels and autogenerated emails confirming the return.


There you have it. You now know our top 3 secrets that help our customers stay competitive during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here’s wishing you a super-successful November and December and all its accompanying holiday rush. If you have any questions for us, just shoot us an email at or drop a comment below. As always — the Knack Systems team is here for you.

Author: The Knack Systems Team

Words from the in-house SMEs at Knack Systems.


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