Black Friday and Cyber Monday Checklist 2022 for your e-commerce business

November 22, 2022

A 5-point eCommerce readiness guide for a smashing holiday sales success.

Retailers, brands, and eCommerce giants will be on their toes yet again because the shopping euphoria Black Friday 2022 is set to bring is tremendous. Predictions say it all! eCommerce sales are estimated to hit USD 235 billion with a 15.5% increase from 2021, while U.S. retail holiday sales are predicted to touch USD 1.26 trillion.

Our eCommerce experts at Knack Systems have put together a 5-point eCommerce readiness checklist for Black Friday 2022 to ensure that all of your hard work pays off.

1. How prepared is your eCommerce site for the Black Friday peak sales volume?

Your eCommerce store’s efficiency makes or breaks your revenue targets on Black Friday. Did you know that a 0.1-second improvement in website speed can help achieve a 10.1 increase in conversions? With eCommerce site optimization, we are sure that your eCommerce store will be prepared to handle spikes of any magnitude in Black Friday sales and visits.

Our 20+ years of expertise in eCommerce has helped retailers like yours to leverage the SAP Commerce Cloud capabilities to keep your eCommerce applications running full throttle without any site speed lags, performance drops, and security snags.

2. Does your eCommerce site have 24/7 emergency support in place for the busiest season’s sales rush?

Black Friday is not the day to totally rely on automation capabilities to mitigate your eCommerce site’s errors. Your eCommerce will undoubtedly require human expertise to support your store’s performance, enhancement, and upgradation 24/7.

We recommend that you go with a trusted SAP Commerce partner who can assure 24/7 SLA-based emergency Application Managed Services for your eCommerce site or applications. Why? Your team can totally focus on the Black Friday peak sales opportunity, while an expert SAP Commerce Cloud partner like Knack Systems can take care of your eCommerce site by addressing mission-critical issues, be it SAP Commerce Cloud admin errors, SAP Commerce Cloud installation defects, common website errors like 403 and 404, checkout delays, shipping rules, or any other issue that concerns your e-commerce’s performance.

3. Have you optimized the Checkout Process for your eCommerce?

Selling products as much as you can and as fast as possible is what every eCommerce owner wants to achieve on a massive shopping event like Black Friday. A robust Checkout Process can get you to the finishing line. If you wish to make the most of the Black Friday sales, you may have to consider a few significant steps in the Checkout Process. You can evaluate whether your customers can move to the cart without any issues, conclude that costs are accurate, have multiple secure payment methods, and get notified of the orders placed in real-time.

As a reliable SAP eCommerce Partner, Knack Systems helps retail businesses like yours with robust eCommerce processes everything from Checkouts, Order Fulfillment & Management, and Cancellations to every process in between for happy customer experiences.

4. Have you considered eCommerce personalization to reduce Cart Abandonment?

Did you know that leading retailers face a humongous cart abandonment rate between 59.2% and 79.8%? The statistics are hard to digest, if ignored, huge revenue will be left unattended. This brings us to the efforts of eCommerce personalization, where auto-generated and targeted emails to customers will prove to be an effective strategy to boost sales. Surely, Black Friday is the time of the year that eCommerce owners like you can influence customers to make big purchases with customized discounts and rewards.

5. Where are you on your Customer Loyalty program activation?

Acquiring a new customer is 7x costlier than retaining an existing customer. And the profitability of selling to an existing customer ranges between 60-70%. Would you miss the best chance of maximum revenue generation from your existing customers? This Black Friday, rejig your Loyalty Program to surprise and delight them with fabulous offers, reward points, and most importantly make them feel special.

To do so, your eCommerce site needs to have amazing processes to take the advantage of your existing customers’ data to personalize their shopping experience. As a trusted SAP Commerce Cloud partner, we can help eCommerce businesses like yours to connect processes across your business functions with the right kind of integrations from Data Hub to CRM, and many more.

Final Thoughts

When preparing for the holiday sales rush, there are several aspects of your e-commerce business that you should keep in mind. For the best results during this busy season, make sure that your eCommerce site has the advantage of Application Managed Services (AMS).

Learn how Knack Systems’ Commerce AMS services can help make the most of the Black Friday sales.

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Author: The Knack Systems Team

Words from the in-house SMEs at Knack Systems.


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