Why Enter SAP Cloud’s World of Benefits

October 24, 2018

Organizations today demand rapid applications deployment to enable optimized customer engagement of their sales, marketing, and customer service teams. SAP Cloud is a portfolio of cloud solutions that helps enterprises do just that. SAP Cloud leverages the latest software applications and solutions of organizations to help them profitably run an agile, adaptive business. By adopting cloud solutions, organizations are able to lower costs and transition from a fixed cost structure to a variable one, freeing up critical IT resources for strategic initiatives and innovation.

Unlike traditional on-premise software applications, cloud applications are located and managed remotely. They are built with a single code-base customized to the organization’s requirements. The fact that the cloud provider is responsible for the maintenance, operations, and bandwidth of the software—and not the customer—makes them a highly sought-after option for modern agile businesses. Cloud applications can be easily accessed through popular web browsers, providing geographic scalability to customers.

Benefits of SAP Cloud

  • Data Consistency:

    Integration with existing ERP solutions ensures consistency of customer information within the department, in the cloud, and on mobile applications.

  • Engagement of Tech-Savvy Customers:

    Buyer expectations have risen significantly. Buyers expect vendors to engage with them on their terms. SAP Cloud addresses this challenge by giving the sales teams the tools to achieve a meaningful engagement with customers.

  • Ability to Leverage Innovations in the Cloud:

    Business managers and decision makers are increasingly taking IT-related decisions. SAP Cloud allows instant deployment of innovations on the cloud, helping transform businesses. Moreover, it enables the latest SAP innovations to be leveraged without any additional investment.

  • Real-Time Analytics:

    SAP Cloud offers on-demand, contextual, and real-time customer information—easily accessible from web browsers and mobile devices. The features of SAP Cloud include opportunity pipeline, embedded reports, and dashboards to track wins, losses, activities, and revenue trends.

  • Mobile Access – Anytime, Anywhere:

    The SAP Cloud enables total seamless mobility. The user is not restricted to a physical location. Data can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device through an internet connection. This seamless availability means that sales teams are able to access the sales figures in real-time and make adjustments and corrections to their targets within minutes. Moreover, sales representatives can update accounts in real-time, review analytics, and collaborate with extended sales teams from their mobile devices.

Author: The Knack Systems Team

Words from the in-house SMEs at Knack Systems.


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