Top 5 Benefits of SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation

August 8, 2018

Whether your business is both online and offline or exclusively functioning online, you will need an advanced platform that will simplify the way you trade and engage your customers on the internet. Discerning entrepreneurs consider SAP commerce cloud implementation to improve their processes. SAP Commerce Cloud started out as a platform for the large-scale enterprises, but it is flexible enough to be implemented in mid-sized companies too. By using it as your advanced commerce platform, you could enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Versatile for B2B and B2C – Today’s business requires a flexible ecommerce system with powerful B2B and B2C capabilities. SAP commerce cloud implementation will combine both experiences into a centralized platform to enhance your B2B sales with good B2C capabilities. This way, you can avoid confusion when collaborating or using multiple solutions. The combined sales experience should enhance the delivery of results and the workflow too. The platform also supports self-service and account management for individual clients.
  1. Give your customers a smooth multi-channel shopping experience – Your business is not limited to the traditional brick-and-mortar setup anymore. With SAP Commerce Cloud implementation, it is easier to establish new or alternative channels for sales, like contact centers, mobile e-stores, online stores, emails, and social media. Likewise, it supports brick-and-mortar collection points and shopping. By accessing everything in one platform in real-time, you can create a consistent customer experience and boost customer loyalty to increase profit and sales.
  1. Enhance the contextual experience – SAP Commerce Cloud can be extensively customized to suit your commerce needs. This way, you can easily manage content using the site layout administration and Product Content Management systems to provide a shopping experience that is user-specific.
  1. Content management – By implementing this platform, you get a robust web content management solution for a quicker way to develop consistent content across multi-faceted selling platforms in real-time.
  1. Product2content management – SAP Commerce Cloud implementation improves the way you engage your customers by placing the focus of sales on intelligent product information presentation and processing.

Author: The Knack Systems Team

Words from the in-house SMEs at Knack Systems.


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