Some Characteristic Features of a Service Cloud Solution

November 14, 2018

When thinking of employing and implementing a Service Cloud solution, an organization must understand exactly what it is. That way, they can make the most of it and ensure that they are getting all the right features at the right price. Service Cloud is better known as SAP Service Cloud, and it helps organizations improve their sales, marketing, and service teams. With SAP Cloud, you can effectively and easily engage your customers. Here are some characteristics of Service Cloud that you must know:

  1. An efficient call center and help desk solution – Service Cloud is a flexible solution that can easily be deployed in any simple or complex business scenario. Being SaaS-based, it can be used for customer service and support.
  2. Multichannel service ticket management – The versatility of SAP Service Cloud applies to email, phone, chat, social media platforms, SMS, online self-service channels, and many others.
  3. In-context social collaboration – It lets service representatives ask questions and provide feedback on difficult cases quickly and efficiently.
  4. Automation – Service Cloud lets customer support and service departments assign, route, and escalate any message using a single framework.
  5. Real-Time analytics – With this feature, your business can easily understand the crucial patterns across several customer complaints. That way, you can quickly discover the root causes of those issues and streamline the CSS process.
  6. Integration with other SAP products – Service Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with other web-based SAP products, like Sales Cloud, and on-premise systems like SAP ERP and SAP CRM.
  7. Mobile-Compatible – Full-featured mobile compatibility lets users access the system and close high-priority tickets remotely.

You can have a Service Cloud solution implemented in your business with help from a premium SAP consulting partner. Some leading SAP partners and specialists can schedule a demo to help you understand and learn how Service Cloud can work for your organization and how it can improve your daily tasks.

Author: The Knack Systems Team

Words from the in-house SMEs at Knack Systems.


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