SAP Sales Cloud – Sales Management Made Easy

September 3, 2018

Sales teams, managers, and specialists are often challenged with ways to engage customers efficiently and gain smarter ways to sell. SAP Sales Cloud is a solution that can empower your business and its sales team with insights that can help you sell better, especially on digital platforms.

Sales Cloud can take you beyond CRM to establish better relationships with your customers and boost brand loyalty. Using this solution, sales management can be easier as it lets you keep up with the customers and the latest ways to make your business more compelling and relevant each day.

SAP Sales Cloud is not your typical selling platform that stores and displays data. It lets you perform transactions too. To successfully close a sale, a professional must be able to identify what the customer wants or needs. Sales Cloud presents, acquires, and stores customer data throughout the transaction and transforms that data into actionable intelligence, so you can create targeted and effective promotional and selling tactics for a specific type of customer — whenever and wherever you wish to. This way, your business can practice an increasingly popular logic known as ‘thinking back to front’.

Sales Cloud lets you access customer information from your back office and gets it in front of your sales team. That way, your sales team will have better insight into whom to target across mobile and online platforms. SAP Sales Cloud can improve the way your sales team identifies issues and needs of customers, so they can close the sale well and use the insights to encourage customer loyalty. Likewise, it encourages productivity when it helps your sales teams save time by focusing on selling and engaging with customers rather than on administrative tasks. SAP Sales Cloud can integrate with email applications too, so all conversations with customers can be found in one place, without any duplicates.

Author: The Knack Systems Team

Words from the in-house SMEs at Knack Systems.


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