Powering Quality Assurance with a Comprehensive Test Automation Suite - Part I

July 13, 2023

Software testing is no more a hassle it has once been. See how automation is reinventing the testing landscape.

Ever bought a fancy car without test-driving it? Imagine the risk.

Rolling out a fantastic product without testing is like buying a fancy car without taking it on a test drive first. You’ve put in your hard work, made investments and you expect a fine ride. A payback in performance. You are very likely to get disappointed when unexpected experiences crop up. When a single bad bug wipes out all the effort you and your team have put into building the experience. And at every such disappointment, you are likely to regret not testing, not ensuring its features were functioning exactly how you wanted them to. 

But testing can be time-consuming. And customers are increasingly demanding high-quality products at breakneck speed. They want their purchases at the exact moment they pay for them. How do you ensure a fine balance between quality and speed? How do you assure you are launching products that are both bug and hassle-free? Products polished to perfection to shine like the diamond they were crafted to be. 

Experts at Knack Systems believe testing doesn’t have to be the tedium it’s been in the past. With new and improved automation tools, it can be a swift and pleasant experience, not to mention a vital one.

In this blog, our expert Bharath Yelugula navigates through the use, potential, and a few must-have tools for test automation. Tools that guarantee the success of your launches so you sleep a goodnight’s sleep while your products perform exactly how they are supposed to. This article is part I of the series Test Automation. 

What is Test Automation

Test automation enables your team to execute software tests through specialized tools.

Instead of manually testing every aspect of a software application, your team uses automation. This enables them to save time and focus on critical areas. Automation ensures tests are consistent and accurate with fewer human errors.

Your team can automate different levels: unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing. This ensures speedier, well-managed and high-quality deployment. 


Why Test Automation

As Industry 4.0 picks up pace across industries, very few functions remain unaffected. Automation continues to reimagine the way the tasks are being performed. It has accelerated the scaling up of businesses and is consistently setting new standards for superior quality. Among its copious direct and offshoot benefits, some prominent ones are:

Faster Testing (10X)

Test automation speeds up your testing process, providing quicker feedback on software quality. Your developer can release products faster, meet deadlines, and gain a competitive advantage.

Wider Test Coverage (50% to 90% more)

Your developer can perform a large number of tests across various platforms, browsers, and settings. This comprehensive test coverage ensures all critical functionalities are thoroughly tested, helping your team reduce the risks in production.

Improved Accuracy and Reliability 

Automated tests produce consistent and reliable results. By removing human errors, automation improves the accuracy of testing. You can confidently roll-out reliable software products.

Cost savings (30% to 50% cost reduction)

Automating time-consuming and repetitive and test activities reduces the manual effort needed for testing, helping you save substantial costs. 

How to Begin With Test Automation

Options are many. But here are some of our favorites:


Selenium is a popular open-source framework for automating web browsers. It offers various programming language options and provides robust features for web application testing, including compatibility testing, element interaction, and advanced assertions.


Cypress is a modern test automation framework specifically designed for web applications. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers features like real-time reloading and automatic waiting. Cypress also provides useful debugging tools, making it simpler to analyze and fix issues.


Rainforest is a unique cloud-based test automation platform that takes a different approach called crowdsourced testing. It utilizes a network of professional testers who execute tests on-demand. With Rainforest, your developer can achieve broader test coverage across different devices, browsers, and operating systems, benefiting from human insights and adaptability.

How Knack Systems Leverages Test Automation

For testing operations, we leverage CICD tools like GitHub Workflows, Jenkins or Azure pipelines. These CICD tools allow us to schedule and execute automated tests, generate detailed reports, and support our continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Thorough testing helps us ensure quality excellence, minimize the risk of undetected issues, and meet the evolving demands of our clients and end-users. Selenium, Cypress, Rainforest, and Jenkins, help our team accelerate testing, achieve broad test coverage, and improve the reliability of our software products.

Our consultants go the extra mile to ensure our customers are delighted with the exceptional software quality and experience they receive.

At Knack Systems, we understand the importance of test automation in ensuring high-quality software. Over two decades of close-knit work association with SAP has given our consultants deep insight into the functionalities and focus-areas of SAP commerce-based engagements. When you choose to partner with us, you choose to benefit from test automation suites that are way ahead in performance than most inexperienced providers out there.

We have expertise in building Spartacus-based test automation suite that leverage Cypress.

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Bharath Yelugula

Author: Bharath Yelugula

Bharath Yelugula is a Delivery Principal with Knack Systems. He plays a pivotal role in steering design and delivery of large scale offshore enterprise SAP Commerce projects. His deep understanding of SDLC equips him to provide groundbreaking solutions to his clients. A strong promoter of perfecting processes to perfect results, Bharath treats each of his projects as yet another fine-tuning lesson, raising his understanding and expertise a notch up every time. He focuses on the discovery phase and works on scrum-heavy or hybrid-delivery approaches. Academically, Bharath holds a Bachelors in IT Technology degree from Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology.


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