How Do SAP Commerce Cloud Components Fit Together?

June 27, 2018

SAP Commerce Cloud is one of the most reliable and flexible e-commerce solutions. Aimed at B2B businesses and retailers, it comes with an efficient content management system with an intuitive user interface to let managers manage promotional content and products, and personalize them for every buyer using the website or any of your marketing channels.

The latest version of SAP Commerce Cloud comes with a promotions engine to enable marketers to create dynamic online offers for certain types of customers. Moreover, the customer service interface empowers customer service representatives with better access to information, like customer accounts and order history.

All features of SAP Commerce Cloud work together to improve your customer service and management, and enhance the customer experience. Custom online tools for customers can be implemented to establish customized access to certain products for a specific group of customers or buyers. SAP Commerce Cloud provides a centralized location for managing an entire catalog of products and content in one location. Likewise, it simplifies the ordering process and the manner of targeting customers to provide a more personalized experience to them. SAP Commerce Cloud can be scaled to self-service websites, too, by providing your website with high-end search and navigation platforms.

Using the omni-channel B2B or B2C e-commerce solution like SAP Commerce Cloud can improve the way you engage with customers from any device. This way, it helps you establish campaigns with personalized and relevant experiences that can encourage repeat customers. Likewise, it lets you transact and engage with customers at anytime, anywhere. On-premise and cloud offerings are equipped with systems to help you engage and understand every customer throughout the commerce experience, from the time you create your content to selling and fulfillment of orders and sales. With a comprehensive approach, SAP Commerce Cloud helps reduce costs and complexity, so you can quickly integrate your existing systems with it, and you can keep up with the ever-changing market conditions all the time.

Author: The Knack Systems Team

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