Understand Your Customers by Empowering Your Teams with SAP Hybris Marketing Solutions

Understand Your Customers by Empowering Your Teams with SAP Hybris Marketing Solutions

One of the main front-end components helping companies gain better understanding of their customers is SAP Hybris Marketing. This solution is an excellent CRM tool for ensuring more efficient engagement with consumers across all touchpoints and business/marketing channels. Combining data tracked from all your online and offline resources will enable you to develop critical insights along with a dynamic 360-degree profile of every customer your business gets to interact with, therefore allowing you to provide them with more contextual and customized experiences. Satisfied customers ultimately lead to increased conversions.

SAP Hybris Marketing works with both SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP HANA. This, together with Hybris CRM and comprehensive behavioral marketing analysis, allows you to cover all necessary categories and aspects of marketing for good target audience identification and ultimately, strategic marketing planning. Through Hybris Marketing, it is easier to drive marketing efforts on the basis of visitor behavior, on-site performance, and ROI. Thorough analytics and real-time data review allows quick identification of and response to new opportunities, which empowers businesses to deliver personalized customer engagement to mass and individual audiences by consolidating all customer information into a single system. SAP Hybris Marketing makes it easier to identify customer intent and motivations as well as discover hidden trends that lead to purchase decisions. By doing so you can deliver more contextual and relevant customer experiences through a customer’s journey and across different touch points.

With a deeper understanding of your customer’s journey, it is easier to make marketing decisions that will lead to greater customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to constant increase in your revenue. Marketers benefit from SAP Hybris Marketing by giving them the power and ability to identify and target clients who have the highest propensity to convert, customizing context marketing based on their individual profiles, behavior, and general market trends for optimized campaigns.

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