Knack Brava

B2B Ordering and Collaboration Solution for Sales Reps and Customers

B2B e-commerce solution

Meet Knack Brava

the truly better way to B2B

An SAP Commerce add-on, Knack Brava helps you connect the B2B network – manufacturers to distributors to channel partners to customers - in every way possible.

Deliver incredible omni-channel experience to customers seamlessly across all interactions by leveraging a rich set of industry specific processes as well as extensibility.


Complete with All Kinds of Tools to Amp Up Sales Velocity

  • Streamline and automate the order processing efforts to mold a faultless operational environment.
  • Request quotes, perform price adjustments, and reference quotes in carts and orders.
  • Quickly refer to the quotes created, the values of the quotes, and the draft orders from the main dashboard
  • While evaluating the product and its details, get a list of all approved quotes the product is already in; thus enabling quick referencing of the product.
  • View customer-specific product catalog
  • See rich images, pricing and other all detailed product information, units of measures, specifications, reviews, shipping details for each applicable product
  • Quickly see which of your quotations are open
  • Search by product number to accurately learn which quote it has been included in. If the product is a part of multiple quotations, Knack Brava will show all those quotations in which the product is found.
  • Attach terms and conditions document to the quote.
  • The system makes sure the customer “Accepts” the quote - which makes the quote available for referencing. This enables audit and legal requirements and traceability.
  • Allows sales managers to easily refer to all the things that are open across each rep’s customer set
  • Attach quote references to draft orders
  • Draw against the quantities of multiple quotations and create order call-offs against the same quote
  • Know when the quantity for which a special price was agreed upon has been exhausted, and see when you have already exhausted some quantity from one line item

A Unique Multifaceted Solution that Enables Virtual Selling,Sales-Assisted Commerce, and Collaborative B2B

Whether you’re looking to arm your sales reps with the most foolproof selling tools or bring in an integrated CX platform for ALL your customer engagement channels, Knack Brava has you covered!

Order Accuracy
Give the power to your field sales reps to ensure order accuracy across channels – Sales, customers and customer service. Ensure the processing of valid quotes and quantities in every order and the accuracy of prices at the time of order entry.
Better Collaboration
Build and maintain collaboration between buyers and sellers to improve time to quote. Enable creation, sharing, and negotiation of agreements, automate approval workflows, and set up email alerts and approval for faster response.
Industry-specific Customizable Platform
No two businesses can be identical. Then why should two solutions be identical? Tailor Knack Brava to perfectly slot into your routine operations workflow.
Committed Support
Knack Brava offers you a committed team of consultants that has a proven track record of meeting its SLAs to bring you all that you require to transform your operations.
Data Security & Privacy
Data Security and Privacy are of utmost importance to us. Strict policies are followed to ensure adherence to GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements.
Reduced Billing Errors
Improve customer trust and reduce write-offs via reduced billing errors. Make informed decisions based on reporting to enable better quote conversion and usage
Backend Systems Integration
Integrate Knack Brava with your existing ERP, Sales, CPQ, and/or other commerce systems and benefit from product customization, bar code scanning and punchout. Leverage integrations with web API or pre-built connectors to perfectly link to the current workflow.

Who is Knack Brava for?

  • Work remotely and seamlessly and collaborate with customers to create job/project quotes
  • Leverage built-in tools to instantly create POs
  • Work with Managers to get threshold-based approval
  • Make PO-specific price adjustments with approvals
  • Create customer-specific deals to manage your account strategy
  • Stay connected to your reps in real-time and collaborate with them to approve or reject job quotes
  • Easily collaborate with reps to approve or reject price adjustments on POs
  • Leverage advanced in-built tools to approve or reject quotes and POs based on thresholds
  • View Quotes.
  • View POs.
  • Download quotes

Your Business Success

Means the World to Us


The success of our customers is at the core of everything we do. See for yourself how leading brands use Knack Brava to realize the full potential of sales-assisted commerce for their business. 

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Knack Brava: The Multi-Channel Customer Experience Platform

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