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Can my reps use the app to create a quotation?

Knack Brava allows sales reps to easily (a) create standard quotes with no price adjustments (b) create quotes with discounts when manager approvals are needed and/or when customer consent is needed (much to the satisfaction of auditors!), and (c) create a draft order and then reference approved quotes.

Does Knack Brava help my customer service reps as well? What activities can they perform with the app?

Absolutely! Knack Brava has the ability to reduce the number of touchpoints that your customer service agent has to be involved in the customer buying journey. The supporting data that customer service agents usually provide to customers can now be shared by the sales reps, thereby reducing the number of customer service agent touchpoints.

Does Knack Brava allow customers to request a quote?

Of course! The app enables customers to request quotes for any products and also negotiate on best prices.

Can a rep place orders on behalf of a customer?

Yes. And this feature can be turned on or off based on what your organizational needs are.

What are the unique capabilities of Knack Brava?

Knack Brava streamlines and automates the order processing efforts to mold a faultless operational environment like no other tool can. The app’s virtual selling capability enables your sales reps to share quotes and suggested orders instantly online — reducing the need for in-person interactions for closing the deal, cross-selling, and up-selling. By default, Knack Brava reduces up to 80% of the sales cost of your bottom-tier, mid-tier, and large customers with the full-service, assisted-service, and self-service models. What’s more, the app is specifically designed to boost sales velocity from Discover to Quote to Price Adjustments to Order.

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Can my reps send quotes to their customers if customers do not login to the system?

For sure! Knack Brava helps reps to pull quotes in PDF format and attach them, whenever they need to, to emails. This way, it allows for a lot of flexibility as it allows quotations to be referred to on a line-item level. So, you can either start with a quotation and order off that quotation or you can even go to an order and then keep referring each line item to an existing and valid quotation.

Does the app only allow customers to order from a single quote at a time or does it allow ordering from multiple quotes as well?

There’s no limitation in place here. Knack Brava allows end users to order from cross multiple quotes from within the app.

What notifications does the app enable?

Knack Brava sends out notification emails to the higher managers whenever their approvals are needed. And the managers can approve or reject directly from their phones. They don’t even have to login to the application/website!

What’s more, the app allows setting up workflows to generate automated emails to reps and customers whenever the need arises.

Is it possible to integrate PunchOut catalogs to the Knack Brava app?

It totally will be. In the next month or so. Our team is working to make this happen at the earliest.

Can end-users easily collaborate with everyone?

Without a doubt. Basically, Knack Brava is a collaborative B2B. What that means is that you connect the B2B network – manufacturers to distributors to channel partners to customers – to enable seamless collaboration. Knack Brava is all about omni-channel experience, and it helps sales reps, customers, and customer service reps access the same set of data at any time, in any format, depending on their role. When your reps, customers, and customer service reps work on Knack Brava together, it enables your goal of cost reduction.

Does the app enable customer-specific pricing?

Knack Brava allows you to work with prices that are as per your customer-specific prices, making better and faster collaboration possible between the customer, the reps, and their managers. This automatically translates to improved sales velocity. Price adjustments are automatically applied to customer-specific prices.

How many approval levels and thresholds can you set in the workflow?

Knack Brava can accommodate as many approval-based workflows as you like for quotations that require approval from the sales reps' managers. You can set up as many approval tiers as you wish and customize them at:

  • Levels (higher-level managers)
  • Threshold for each level