Knack Brava is an SAP Commerce add-on that delivers industry specific cloud and mobile software that enable digital omni-channel B2B processes.

The Knack Brava team is constantly exploring upcoming technologies for more efficient, refined, and extensible solutions. All individual solutions from our software stack were designed in a way that best leverages modern developments and offer the most possible dependability to our customers.


SAP Composable Commerce

A flexible, modular approach to e-commerce that allows users to select and integrate useful components and microservices to tailor their commerce solutions and customer experiences.

SAP Commerce

An ecommerce platform used to address a family of products involving Customer Experience and Management


An integrated platform that combines data management,analytics, application development, artificial intelligence,and integration capabilities to drive business innovation and agility.

SAP Sales Cloud

Leading sales tool that helps streamline and automate critical selling processes and empower sellers with intelligent recommendations


A digital core for implementing new technologies


A reliable sales configuration system that streamlines and automates the solution selling process


An identity cloud that provides secure identity management with Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Lifecycle Management (Provisioning), and more


A leading customer relationship management service that also specializes in a complementary suite of enterprise applications

Knack Brava: The Multi-Channel Customer Experience Platform

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