Why Knack Brava?

‘Cuz it’s the smartest way to bring sellers and customers together on one platform

No more wasted efforts.

Did you know that as your standard CRM tools, CPQ solutions and eCommerce platforms don’t meet your unique industry specific needs, it becomes harder for your B2B network to operate optimally? Complex market, distribution, pricing, and ordering rules have a way of slowing businesses down, and - too frequently - reps aren’t making the right strategic decisions in the field. We’ll give you all that wasted time back by streamlining uncoordinated processes and preventing the loss of opportunities as well as erosion of profits.


Right align costs

  • kb-listReduce up to 80% of the sales cost of your bottom-tier, mid-tier, and large customers with self-service, assisted-service and full-service, respectively.
  • kb-listEnable your reps, customers, and the customer service rep to work on Knack Brava together – to enable your goal of cost reduction.

Improve Sales Velocity

  • kb-listBoost sales velocity from Discover to Quote to Price Adjustments to Order.
  • kb-listEnsure that the B2B customer-specific rules and catalogs are honored and enable accurate and fast quotes and price adjustments.
  • kb-listKnack Brava allows you to work with prices that are as per your customer-specific prices, making better and faster collaboration possible between the customer, the reps, and their managers. This automatically translates to improved sales velocity.

Reduce Customer Service Touchpoints

  • kb-listKnack Brava is designed to reduce the number of customer touchpoints for your service agent.
  • kb-listAllow your sales reps to instantly provide all critical supporting data to customers, thereby helping your customer service agents to find a drastic reduction in their number of customer touchpoints.

Sell anytime, anywhere

  • kb-listWith virtual selling, enable your sales reps to share quotes and suggested orders instantly online — reducing the need for in-person interactions for closing the deal, cross-selling, and up-selling.
  • kb-listLeverage the eCatalog templates and Layout Manager to make creation of quotes and orders easier.
  • kb-listGenerate product fact sheets in PDF format right from within the app!

Realize Higher ROI

  • kb-listWitness an increase in the solution adoption — as proven in all of our Knack Brava customer implementations.
  • kb-listIncrease the value from your solution investment, thereby seeing higher ROI

The Knack Systems team has designed the Knack Brava app to facilitate and encourage the behaviors of the most efficient sales reps, distributors, partners, and customer service teams. These teams are always aware of the best course of action with any customer opportunity and are armed to constantly make strategic decisions to get the most out of all situations. The Knack Brava tools will help your customer-centric organization to do the same by combining commerce, content, and collaboration to operate your B2B business efficiently and profitably.

Knack Brava: The Multi-Channel Customer Experience Platform

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