The Risks and Rewards of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Using SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer may help your business improve customer relations and sales performance. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides a reliable sales and service platform consisting of SAP Hybris Cloud for Service and SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, both of which are typically marketed separately. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer runs on SAP HCP (HANA cloud platform), and it can help your business deploy applications rapidly to enable each service, marketing, and sales staff to easily and more effectively engage with customers. There are rewards associated with using this platform, but there are some risks you should know about too.

One of the benefits of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is the fact that it is offered as a pre-packaged service. However, the deployment process can be long, usually taking anywhere from six to 12 weeks. When you get it from a reputable provider, deployment can be much faster, and the platform will be backed by the expertise of experienced consultants who can help you make the most of it. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is cost-effective too. Since it is hosted in a cloud, it eliminates the need to invest in additional equipment. This makes the solution practical for a small business that may not have enough capital for an on-premise CRM.

It is advisable to sign up for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer from an experienced and reputable provider who can ensure a successful delivery of all crucial applications. This is possible by maintaining a fully integrated environment composed of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer integration via SAP HCI and SAP ERP and SAP PI to SAP CRM. Once it is deployed, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer will provide effective and powerful solutions, namely Cloud for Service and Cloud for Sales.

There can be no risk when you use SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer because the data you enter in a cloud will be stored in a highly protected and secure data center in an undisclosed location. Hence, it should be easy for a business to choose this solution without worrying about the security of its data. However, there may be some disadvantages to this platform, such as the big updates that occur every three months. Updates can also be bothersome especially if you have a lot of things to do, but they are absolutely necessary to ensure that you are running the latest and most secure platform.

Author: The Knack Team

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