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Did You Know: SAP ERP is Now Available on Your Smartphones

Did You Know: SAP ERP is Now Available on Your Smartphones

Maybe—like me—you find the ERP screens on your company desktops to be dull and boring. You might not like the idea that you need to be at your desk to use your ERP. Read on if you find smartphones easy to use and would like to do the very complicated things you do on your office desktop in a much simpler manner from anywhere, anytime, using just your mobile device.

SAP ERP–Friendlier and Easier To Use

The SAP ERP solution, christened S/4HANA Enterprise in its latest avatar, is now available for consumption with the same power and features on your mobile device. There’s only one difference: it’s now much friendlier and easier to use with the Fiori user experience. Together with other major techno-fundamental innovations, the capability to use SAP S/4HANA Enterprise solution across devices empowers you enormously.

Empowering Users

The release of S/4HANA Enterprise solutions is a major milestone and perhaps the most significant one in so many ways. It is a paradigm shift in empowering a user. Here’s what I mean:

First of all, it combines analytical and decision support capabilities built into the flow of business transactions. Since the applications run on an extremely powerful in-memory HANA database, you can access critical analytical and decision support information on the fly.

SAP Fiori Client

Secondly, the solution comes to you through a completely new user interface – Fiori, which works seamlessly across devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. And the best part is: Fiori works just like any other mobile app when used on a mobile device!

So, the benefits you get with the app are enormous. Here are a few examples:

  • Let’s suppose you are a finance manager. You are attending a conference at an exotic venue. Irrespective of the location, you can approve all corporate payments on your mobile and do your cash-flow planning. And in so deciding, you can reach the last level of granularity in a few clicks to see individual line items.
  • You are meeting a customer at his office. He has a big order to place but needs delivery by a mission-critical date. Sitting across the table, you have access to the customer’s complete profile, past orders, payment history, and credit record on your mobile. Right there, using advanced available-to-promise features on your mobile, you can see the order booked for the item. You can employ different strategies and firmly commit a date on the spot–just a few clicks and you win the order!
  • You have a team of service technicians working in the field. A new customer service request comes in. The nearest technician can check his schedule and pick up the service request on the move. In this age of disruptive changes, use of the right technology can give you the cutting edge over your competition. Technology can make or break you. Adopting S/4HANA Enterprise System that comes with great capabilities can take your business to the next level.

Author: Rajesh Bhayani

Rajesh Bhayani is a Senior Consultant at Knack Systems with over 30 years of global experience in SAP Consulting, Procurement, Production Planning, and Training functions across Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, and EPC companies of world stature. He has handled key roles as Senior Consultant (SAP S/4HANA Project Leader), General Manager-Procurement, Group Procurement Manager, Head of Procurement & Materials Management, and Senior General Manager. Rajesh is proficient in evaluating functional demands and translating them into a business model. He has profound knowledge of all peripheral SAP Solutions & extensions and SAP S/4HANA POC system implementations. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt holder and ISO Internal auditor, skilled in re-engineering, process improvement, system implementation, and streamlining initiatives related to supply chain, general management, and procurement functions.

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