SAP CPQ for Wholesale Distribution Industry

Maximize profits with SAP CPQ

300% more quotes*, 100% accuracy**,
5% bigger deals* and 233% ROI*.

Customer Spotlight

A 4.3B USD a global leader in designing and manufacturing highly engineered products gave a massive boost to its revenue and sales performance by:

  • Improving profits through consistent margin control and raw material cost fluctuations management
  • Empowering their customers to configure their desired product, establish a price, and generate a customized quote accurately in minutes
  • Gaining greater pricing accuracy: customer specific + channel specific pricing + order specific discounts
  • Improving upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • improving sales productivity: time savings + real-time decision making + reduced errors + guided selling.

Why Switching to CPQ is a 2023 Top Priority for Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale is not yet another sales. Your needs are different. Tracking overstocking and understocking, remaining vigilant about the price fluctuations, dealing with shipping and logistics issues and tackling fierce outside competition. These are not regular sales issues.

So, a solution that addresses the needs of regular sales, won’t do justice to your unique needs. You need a solution that can help you with:

  • Simple and Complex Products and price discovery
  • Large Quotes with multi-year durations with large numbers of product line items
  • Tiered pricing, bundling, discounting and margin complexities
  • Product transitions and substitutions
  • Time to quote

SAP CPQ Can Turbocharge Your Wholesale Distribution Business

Manual ordering processes are a major hole in the wholesale sales bucket. Your sales reps lose their precious time, handle unproductive administrative burden, and face frequent delays and errors. All these hurdles hamper your customer experience.

The good news is a robust CPQ solution can remove all of your ordering process hurdles.

  • Intuitive guided-selling interface
  • Customer and channel specific pricing
  • Consolidated and centralized master data
  • Margin-protecting guardrails
  • Single, searchable repository
  • Integration to commissions
  • Seamlessly connect the front and back offices
  • Leverage VC Configuration models and SD Pricing

Benefits of SAP CPQ for Wholesale Distributors

The Configure-Price-Quote solution streamlines the Wholesale sales process at every step, accelerating your sales cycle, improving sales reps’ efficiency, bettering quote quality, margin management and delivering massive benefits toward the end.

  • Faster quote generation
  • Enhanced sales productivity
  • Improved pricing accuracy
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced errors
  • Increased revenue

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*The Total Economic ImpactTM Study of SAP CPQ, a Feb 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP.

** Benefits achieved by SAP CPQ Customers.