SAP CPQ for Wholesale Distribution

100% Accurate Quotes in Minutes


increased in average deal size*




Increase in quote output**


increase in purchase orders per week**

SAP CPQ Can Turbocharge Your Wholesale Distribution Sales Process

Manual ordering processes are a major hole in the wholesale sales bucket. Your sales reps lose their precious time, handle unproductive administrative burden, and face frequent delays and errors. All these hurdles hamper your customer experience.

The good news is a single solution can resolve most —almost all—of your ordering process hurdles.

With SAP CPQ you can gain:

  • Intuitive guided-selling interface
  • Customer and channel specific pricing
  • Consolidated and centralized master data
  • Margin-protecting guardrails
  • Single, searchable repository
  • Integration to commissions
  • Seamless connection between the front and back offices
  • VC Configuration models and SD Pricing
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*The Total Economic ImpactTM Study of SAP CPQ, a Feb 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP.

** Benefits achieved by SAP CPQ Customers.