SAP CPQ for Chemical Industry

Increase Quoting and Pricing Accuracy for Configure-to-Order of Chemical Blends & Alloys.

SAP CPQ Effectiveness as Recognized by the Industry Leaders


increase in average deal size


ROI payback period in <12 months*


increase in quote output**


accurate & consistent quotes**

Customer Success Story: Results of SAP CPQ Implementation

A 4.3 Billion Dollar global leader in designing and manufacturing highly engineered products leveraged the powerful SAP CPQ to streamline sales processes with:

  • Accurate quotes generation in minutes
  • Consistent margin control
  • Increased profits
  • Maximized sales opportunities
  • Guided selling enablement
SAP CPQ for Chemical Industry

Why a Robust SAP CPQ Solution is Indispensable for Chemical Industry

Sales teams in the Chemical Businesses are currently grappling with a range of challenges, including increasing product complexity, declining profit margins, intensifying competition, and evolving customer expectations.

Knack Systems’ SAP CPQ solution enables sales teams in the Chemical Industry with:

  • Improved product visibility
  • Customer-specific pricing guardrails
  • the ability to configure complex chemical blends & alloys accurately

As a result, your Chemical business can stay positioned for improved sales profits and revenues!

What SAP CPQ Can Do for the Sales Teams in the Chemical Industry

Chemical products are highly complex, with multiple variations and specifications. Apart from configuration challenges, sales teams, and channel partners struggle with higher time-to-quote sales cycles as chemical blends and alloys need to comply with engineering specifications.

SAP CPQ solution can help Chemical Manufacturers to overcome any sales complexity with ease by:

  • Ensuring quote accuracy through dynamic product selection
  • Configuring value-added services and bundled product offerings
  • Supporting dynamic pricing model based on blend and process
  • Enabling customer verification for hazardous materials
  • Configuring bulk and sample quotes

How SAP CPQ Solution Boosts B2B Sales in the Chemical Business

By providing automated configuration rules and workflows, real-time visibility into product availability, and advanced pricing and quoting capabilities, SAP CPQ can help Chemical Manufacturers streamline their sales process for increased revenue and profits.

Give your business the five significant benefits only the SAP CPQ solution can bring you:

  1. Faster and More Accurate Quoting
  2. Streamlined Configure-To-Order Process of Chemical Blends & Alloys
  3. Improved Sales Efficiency
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience
  5. Increased Revenue

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*The Total Economic ImpactTM Study of SAP CPQ, a Feb 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP.

** Benefits achieved by SAP CPQ Customers.