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Case Study Spotlight

A global Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) brand with a turnover of over 3000M USD reinvented its sales with SAP CPQ and achieved outstanding results:
  • Reduced quote generation time to days from weeks
  • Controlled margins and raw materials cost fluctuations
  • Maximized sales with real-time decision making and pricing approvals
  • Enabled guided selling
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Why Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) Manufacturers Need SAP CPQ Solution

In 2023, more than 17% of B2B businesses will do their buying online. This year and beyond, digitalization will be a top strategic priority for Industrial Manufacturing and Components manufacturers. At the heart of this shift is the need for an agile and accurate quote creation process.

An automated SAP Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution that’s aligned with the IM&C industry’s needs and best practices can improve your proposal process and boost your sales results tremendously. This is a must-have functionality for discrete manufacturing and can also be helpful in engineer-to-order and manufacture-to-stock scenarios.

What SAP CPQ Can Do for Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C)

Sales in the industrial machinery and components industry is complex as it may involve multiple product catalogs and continuous pricing variations. Getting both right manually is a challenge for sales reps and partners.

A CPQ solution can assist in:
  • Configuring products
  • Upselling spare parts and services
  • Increasing spare parts sales (Channel sales)
  • Increase service contract sales (T&M)
  • Increasing service contract sales (T&M)
  • Attributing products and bundle-based pricing with discounts
  • Tier-based pricing for spare parts sales
  • Generating quote output with submittal drawings
  • Agency-based sales along with B2B sales
  • Visualization and usage of variant configuration

Benefits of SAP CPQ for Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) Companies

The Configure-Price-Quote solution streamlines the Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) sales process at every step, accelerating your sales cycle, improving sales reps’ efficiency, bettering quote quality, margin management and delivering massive benefits toward the end.

  • Faster quote generation
  • Enhanced sales productivity
  • Improved pricing accuracy
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced errors
  • Increased revenue

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