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Episode 01

Boosting Revenue in Industrial Manufacturing
Optimizing B2B Sales with SAP CPQ

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A Sneak Peek into the Episode Discussion:

Unraveling Four Trends in Industrial Manufacturing, where RK Pai and James DuBose delve into the latest developments that are shaping the Industrial Manufacturing landscape. The expert conversation will help Industrial Manufacturing leaders discover the gist of the SAP Configure, Price, & Quote (CPQ) Solution, an innovative tool driving efficiency and streamlining complex sales challenges in the Industrial Manufacturing & Components (IM&C) industry.

The duo will further take us on a journey to explore the prominent reasons why SAP CPQ for the IM&C Industry stands out as the go-to solution. That’s not all, our industry experts will uncover the power of Visualization & Configurations, enabling manufacturers to create personalized equipment, products, and components for customers.

Lastly, you will witness the Customer Success Spotlight, showcasing real-world examples of how SAP CPQ has revolutionized a global Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) brand with a turnover of over 3000M USD and reinvented its sales with SAP CPQ and achieved outstanding results:

  • Reduced quote generation time to minutes from weeks
  • Controlled margins and raw materials cost fluctuations
  • Maximized sales with real-time decision-making and pricing approvals
  • Enabled guided selling

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