On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

Hear from top CPQ experts how you can enable sales representatives to quickly generate accurate quotes, including standard, promotional, and customer-specific quotes, to boost sales activity in this one-hour webinar session.

Let Soraya Diallo, Director – Pre-Sales and Rakshith Shetty, Manager – Pre-Sales, at Knack Systems, tell you how you can set a guardrail to protect margins, streamline your approval processes, and decrease your quote-to-order time with SAP CPQ.

This webinar session will take you inside the configure, price, quote process, and you will learn answers to these questions:

  • What are ways to cut down quote-to-order time from days to minutes?
  • How fast can high-quality proposal documents be created?
  • How are CPQ solutions effective in enhancing pricing and sales analysis?
  • What features should one look for in a CPQ solution?
  • What features can you leverage to increase margins, get deals done faster, and launch new products faster?

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