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As businesses metamorphose digitally, they need to overcome huge challenges powered by modern trends in the international marketplace, including: consumer expectation for better, seamless, and appropriate experiences across devices and channels.

So, what’s the way in which businesses can sail around this grand challenge in the present-day digital economy landscape, and additionally, design a smooth experience for customers? Learn from Knack Systems’ SAP Customer Experience experts in this virtual master class as they talk above how to overcome customer experience challenges, while staying well within the GDPR regulations, and share best practices from organizations that have managed to do all this and more commendably well.

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Tippy Lotterer

Tippy Lotterer

Tippy Lotterer is part of the Pre-Sales and Consulting team at Knack Systems. Before Knack Systems, Tippy served SAP North America for over 15 years as a Solution Architect, specializing in Customer Relationship Management products, including those customized for Sales, Service, Marketing, and e-Commerce.

Soraya Whitehurst Diallo

Soraya Whitehurst Diallo

Soraya is the Director of Pre-Sales at Knack Systems. She has extensive experience working with various SAP and non-SAP cloud applications. Soraya resides in Nashville, TN.

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