Hybrid Solutions

Knack Systems recognizes that for many organizations, heterogeneous IT landscapes including applications on cloud as well as on-premise will continue to be the norm. And to stay relevant to the organizations, it is crucial to have solutions that will enable such hybrid landscapes to function optimally. To address this need, Knack Systems has built its capabilities to deliver hybrid solution using HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) or PI technology, to effectively connect the SAP Cloud for Customer solution to SAP On-premise applications.

SAP Cloud for Customer has standard integration between Cloud for Sales, Cloud for Service, and Cloud for Social Engagement for master and transaction data with the SAP ERP and SAP CRM on-premise systems. SAP HANA Cloud Integration has pre-configured inflows and mappings between Cloud and On-Premise solutions. Hence in addition to PI, SAP HANA Cloud Integration provides a viable option for customers to enhance time efficiency and reduce operations cost in building their hybrid solution for CRM.

Cloud For Customer Integration with SAP ERP / SAP CRM-SAP HANA Cloud Integration / SAP NetWeaver PI

Cloud For Customer Integration with SAP ERP / SAP CRM-SAP HANA Cloud Integration / SAP NetWeaver PI

Each integration approach whether using SAP HCI, PI or web services presents its own benefits and challenges and needs to be carefully evaluated for an organization’s needs and exciting investments. To ensure that an optimal approach is selected, Knack Systems has a well-defined methodology to understand the needs for integration from a master data and transaction data perspective.

Our methodology also takes into account the level of complexity and configuration in the SAP ERP and SAP CRM On-Premise to recommend the right approach and identifying key challenges in advance. Knack Systems maintains a fully integrated environment consisting of Cloud for Customer integrated via SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) and SAP PI to SAP CRM and SAP ERP in our CoE. This environment is used to show a working demo and to evaluate any customer specific requirements.

Customers have a choice in deploying integrations

Customers have multiple integration options to choose from based on their
business and technology requirements

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