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Easy Connect<>ET (ExactTarget – SAP CRM Integration)

Easy Connect<>ET is Knack Systems’ unique solution that integrates SAP CRM and ExactTarget. Among its many benefits, what sets Easy Connect<>ET apart is its ability to let customers manage and automate a wide variety of marketing campaigns, without the hassle of manual data synchronization. Easy Connect<>ET can be implemented rapidly, on a fixed cost basis; to help customers simultaneously leverage the benefits of SAP CRM combined with ExactTarget’s powerful send engine and email creation tools, to deliver messages that deliver results.

Business Benefits of Knack Systems’ Easy Connect<>ET

  • Complete control of campaign design, refinement, execution, and management
  • Ability to send multiple emails to varied mailing lists of virtually any size
  • Personalized and targeted content to drive engagement with prospects and customers
  • Aggregated real-time tracking information, including details of opened URL, hard bounce, soft bounce, and click-through, for each campaign
  • Seamless, automated flow of information
  • Rapid installation and customization on a fixed cost, fixed time basis
  • Effective targeting of a relevant audience by using SAP CRM data to identify the most influential and profitable leads and automating relevant marketing programs based on key events within the customer database, web analytics data, purchase activity, or other relevant data attributes, using ExactTarget
  • A single, centralized source of customer data, that reduces data transfer time and provides important predictive attributes to segment, analyze, and trigger actions

Knack Systems’ Easy Connect<>ET is ideal to simplify campaign execution by coordinating and leveraging Lead, Contact, and Account data, to create compelling, one-to-one digital communications.

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