Extended CRM Solutions

Knack Systems Extended CRM Solutions: Welcome to the era of customer engagement

Extended CRM solutions permit businesses to position customer experience at the center of their digital setup.

They are modeled to reinforce several integrations with other solutions, specifically to instill the customer focus across your organization. We have evolved a distinct expertise in the design of extended CRM solutions and intricate third parties’ relationship management systems.

Extended CRM Solutions


Our DocuSign partnership allows us to help businesses develop and dispatch documents requesting an electronic signature from within the sales quote in SAP Sales Cloud. E-Signatures offer your customers and team members the capability to sign electronic documents from just about anywhere.

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Exact Target

In partnership with Exact Target, Knack Systems has developed Easy Connect<>ET—a unique solution that integrates SAP CRM and ExactTarget. Among its many benefits, what sets Easy Connect<>ET apart is its ability to let customers manage and automate a wide variety of marketing campaigns, without the hassle of manual data synchronization.

In addition to the other benefits, this unique solution enables effective targeting of a relevant audience by using SAP CRM data to identify the most influential and profitable leads and automating relevant marketing programs based on key events within the customer database, web analytics data, purchase activity, or other relevant data attributes, using ExactTarget.

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Our MindTouch partnership allows us to provide businesses with the MindTouch<>Connect solution that empowers customer service reps to always offer more suitable content to customers across channels, allowing the decrease of service-interaction times, boosting the value of responses, and basically raising customer satisfaction levels. MindTouch<>Connect administers appropriate information to customers and reps utilizing complex and natural-language search and conversion, content-classification mechanism, and strong analytics abilities.

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Our Marketo partnership allows us to offer businesses the SAP CRM-Marketo application (Marketo<>Connect), which enables end-to-end process integration between SAP CRM and Marketo. This level of SAP CRM integration with Marketo enables businesses to accelerate revenue generation.

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Our Silverpop partnership allows us to offer businesses the Silverpop – SAP CRM solution, which is the ideal choice for customers looking for a seamless integration that lets them leverage the best of both Silverpop as well as SAP CRM.

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Our Coremedia partnership allows us to provide businesses with a connector that integrates CoreMedia LiveContext with SAP Internet Sales Application (ISA) enabling companies to optimize their online sales and marketing channel performance by infusing every aspect of their customers’ online experience with rich, contextual marketing information. This results in increased engagement, higher sales and improved loyalty by conveying the right information at the right time across all touchpoints.

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Our Facebook partnership allows us to offer businesses FB<>Connect—Knack Systems’ Facebook application that allows customers to integrate their Facebook marketing with SAP CRM. It offers a seamless integration that enables being in touch with prospects on a real-time basis through social channels, and executing sales, service, and marketing campaigns using the core SAP CRM system.

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Remember that a successful CRM implementation depends on a number of factors, including risk, cost, and duration. Our SAP Gold Partner status and our team of experienced CRM design experts are what make Knack Systems your preferred CRM implementation partner. Let our mix of off-shore and on-site experts and engineers steer the CRM implementation for your business.
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