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A majority of organizations across the globe offer field service to their customers and thus depend a great deal on Field Service Management (FSM) software. Once you have a superior FSM solution—such as SAP Field Service Management—in place, your organization’s work processes get streamlined and you realize more revenue, accelerated invoicing, and elevated customer satisfaction levels. With SAP FSM, your business is well-prepared to greatly boost the customer experience in the service journey via:


FSM_Solution_list Quicker and more productive scheduling through artificial intelligence

FSM_Solution_list Instant access to all information for your service team

FSM_Solution_list Simpler communication between your team and your customers

FSM_Solution_list Customer self-service for reduced response times

Knack Systems’ extensive experience in enabling field service for multiple customer projects across industries helps us provide your business with a wrinkle-free and quick integration.

Key Benefits

Systematic planning of service tasks

SAP FSM makes it possible to perform either manual of fully automatic scheduling based on different parameters such as time at hand, necessary qualification, geography, route, and so on. In addition to streamlining the planning of service tasks in your organization’s back office, SAP FSM also enables mobility to your team to help them completely focus on their service assignments and commit fully to your customers.

Better decisions with analytics and dashboards

By leveraging intelligent smart analytics, determine what your teams need to direct attention to on priority to offer your customers even greater service than what they anticipate — minus the need for additional enhancement of current service capabilities or more tedious work for your employees. With timely reports that you can set up via drag-and-drop, you acquire the insights you can directly work with for your business decisions.

Record service information efficiently

Besides accessing the list and details of the scheduled service orders, your service team can also confidently record all-important service order information in a supporting workflow while still at the customer site. Once the service task has been concluded, the software records the customer’s digital signature for automated invoicing.

Customer self-service and timely incident reporting

The self-service portal enables your customers to reach out to your service team around the clock with a mobile app that can be branded as needed. This app would make it easy for the customer to scan the QR code on the hardware that has broken down and simultaneously send out an incident report to the team concerned.

Track your service KPIs with adjustable dashboards and reports

Benefit from a complete view of your field service metrics with an analytics cockpit. Better understand the things that are going right in your service department and those that are not.

Shorter time for repairs & decreased service costs

As your field service engineers have complete access to all relevant service information, they become equipped amp up their productivity. The hassle-free access to repair notes, product manuals, service history, and more helps your field service team accurately follow their task list.

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Key Capabilities


Automated warehouse management

Do away with the need to make repeat customer visits by making certain that the required spare parts are delivered promptly for repair with automated warehouse management. Streamline preventive maintenance of hardware via timely notifications, tracking, and forecasting.


User-friendly workflow management platform

International service organizations need to have processes in place to keep tabs on their activities across geographies in order to streamline operations. This helps in a justified utilization of the complete organization. The customer anticipates that the right expert technician who can seamlessly finish the work within the expected time and budget. This is a pre-requisite for customer loyalty. Our user-friendly workflow management platform helps you attain these objectives.


User-friendly app

The native app helps service agents to readily, and at speed, access the complete key order, customer, and all other related data, thus eliminating the need to invest time in gathering information from a mix of internal sources. The app is designed to be fully user-friendly. The service employee would prefer to just receive the information needed for them to complete their work instead of being bombarded with irrelevant information from the ERP or CRM.


The master data management module

Import, maintain, and oversee your master data through a user-friendly GUI minus the need for creating scripts or programming knowledge via Master Data Management—something that goes a long way, especially for those firms that don’t use ERP to store their master data. The users also get to personalize and set up the elements in the app’s GUI in the Master Data Management module.


Crowd Service

Expand your service teams with partners, freelancers, and other skilled resources and leverage them on demand.


Planning and Dispatching

Enable scheduling, planning, and dispatching in actual time with AI-based tools.


Smartforms and Feedback

Enable field service technicians to offer mobile-based feedback in a checklist format and provides guidance for their in-field work.


IoT-Enabled Field Service

Reduce downtime with automatic service call creation, and use IoT sensor data to reduce intervention and traveling costs, ensuring costs savings for operations.

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