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What is CPQ?



Ensure your product configurations are simple and built on business capabilities. Create exhaustive, precise quotes, by leveraging a personalized template, all within minutes.



Gift your reps the capabilities to build a price quote that they can be confident of being already approved and prevent delays caused by the wait for reviews.  Enable them to pilot their own deals.



Empower your sales reps to deliver quotes speedily owing to an optimized quoting process — the outcome of the tailored rules and pricing that CPQ automation enables. 


SAP CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) can deliver a richer, more fulfilling buying experience for your customers, by enabling all of your sales reps to be more effective, efficient, and knowledgeable in their field of work. Its built-in simplicity, performance, and embedded intelligence make offering customers the right product at the right price, at the right time effortless.

SAP CPQ has been designed to handle complex quotes from diverse product portfolios, through its intuitive user interface, generating proposals quickly and accurately. It guides sales staff and channel partners to solutions that help meet your customer’s specific needs. SAP CPQ supports multiple price books and optimization, minimizing the guesswork on what discounts are most likely to win the deal.


Its embedded artificial intelligence onboards reps faster, suggests the products that customers might like, and increases deal sizes without the need to involve data scientists. With the margin protection guardrails in SAP CPQ, staff can confidently build the profitability of every quote while avoiding unnecessary delays in negotiations by utilizing automated approval triggers.

Built on a dynamic engine, SAP CPQ can generate very complex quotes in mere seconds. With SAP Configure, Price, and Quote, you can manage high volumes of complex quotes quickly, accurately, and simply across your business.

is an accurate sales tool for enterprises of all magnitude to swiftly generate precise quotes for orders. CPQ integrates and work in-sync with CRM and ERP applications. It facilitates generating from simple to complex quotes and configurable products with a simple and user-friendly interface. Effort and time spent in creating complex quotes by the sales rep will be drastically reduced using CPQ. Every relevant information is pulled together automatically by CPQ assisting the sales rep to generate quotes quickly and swiftly.

Key Benefits


Margin-Secured Guard Rails With Intricate Pricing Models

Record cost information directly within SAP CPQ, thus enabling the software to showcase just the margins for every item or the complete order to the sales reps. This level of visibility into the margins enables sales reps to make informed decisions about discounting and can greatly enhance your business revenue.


Boost Sales Effectiveness

Enable your sales team to sell via a greater number of channels quicker by purging order errors, producing proposals instantaneously, and offering customer- and channel-specific pricing


Highly Personalized Reports and Dashboards

Create personalized reports to understand the total quote value, keep tabs on the number of quotes and their status, discover abandoned carts, and lots more.


Magnify Operational Efficiencies

Establish smart, comprehensive sales processes to produce quotes quicker, streamline approvals, shorten sales cycles, and free personnel to focus on sales


Operate Smarter

Enrich business insights to get the most out of sales opportunities, grow cross- and up-selling, and enhance pricing, while safeguarding margins


Intricate Product Configurations and Selling Opportunities

Better configure and personalize products to the specific requirements of your customers. Easily establish and suggest product options and solutions via product bundling and up-selling


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The Wholesale Distributor’s Guide to Maximize Revenue with CPQ

CPQ solutions designed for the wholesale distribution industry go a long way to get rid of time-intensive processes involving the creation of quotes for customers and prospects—processes that usually eat up multiple weeks of time for complicated configurations and pricing models.

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Key Capabilities

Intuitive Guided Selling

CPQ demystifies complication. Wholesale distribution firms with the most complex and varied product configurations rely on configure price quote solutions to help sales teams and channel partners to rapidly generate precise quotes.


SAP CPQ can be easily integrated with any CRM and ERP solution, thereby rendering the applicable data available from inside the system. The Unified Interface enables superior access and working experience made possible across devices, including smartphones and tablets.

AI-Based price and product recommendations

Open the door to prompt business value via integrated AI recommendations, without needing specialist technical expertise. Negotiate less and bag greater deals with self-learning sales price optimization processes.

Adaptable Product Definition

Configure products to a highly atomic level and validate any part number accurately by leveraging with SAP CPQ.

Automated Quotes

Click a button to create quotes that are organized, consistent, and refined. SAP CPQ is designed to allow quotes to comprise graphics and tables for precise modeling of information.

Competitive Analysis

Enter the competitor part number and have SAP CPQ propose comparable products. Whenever a matching product becomes available, alerts will be sent out to applicable users.

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