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A typical consumer brand would need to set up and manage a sales portal, offline mobile showrooming/ordering, eCatalogs, B2B self-service for retailers, and B2B Commerce. The firm would thus need at least around six to eight solutions to make this work.

The consumer brands industries mandates that brands and wholesalers sell pre-season, during-season and post-season. This means that consumer products sales ordering must be flexible and customizable, with multiple catalogs, line sheets, multiple product sizing options and price levels, support future inventory, multiple delivery dates, pre-packs, and more.

These capabilities, among others, have made SeasonOne the indispensable order taking solution for brands and their wholesalers worldwide.

SeasonOne—a solution now available on SAP’s app center—presents a single platform for all pre-book, re-order, and personalized product management needs for consumer product and businesses. With a single platform, get access to innovative features, unique benefits, and preferential support.

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SeasonOne - B2B Wholesale Application for Apparel and Fashion Industry

SeasonOne Unique Features



Customized eCatalog

  • Customer specific eCatalog
  • Web, mobile, PDF

Collections/Season Range

  • Regional/Brand/Market specific Collections/Ranges
  • Dynamic Assignments


  • Share online, PDF
  • Share suggested quantities

Seamless Ordering

  • Convert to Orders/Contracts

Personalized Products

Rich Product Visuals

  • Product Images
  • Style-Color-Size


  • Wholesale
  • MAP
  • Customer specific


  • Current inventory
  • ATP

Wholesale Ordering rules

  • Min/Max Quantity
  • Availability dates

Pre-book & In-season Order

Cart/Order for B2B

  • Style Color Size grid
  • Multiple ship/delivery dates for each line

Pre-book Order

  • Season drops/delivery windows
  • Quantity restrictions (Max/Min)
  • Customer specific price

In-Season Order

  • Prices - Wholesale, MAP, Customer specific
  • Availability - Current inventory,  ATP
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  • Manage Seasons
  • Product visibility
  • Ordering rules
  • Product Content

Order Management

  • Live Order book
  • Contracts, Orders, Cancellations, Returns
  • Allocations and scheduling
  • Customer and employee communications

Pre-season Ordering

  • eCatalog – Create /share
  • Customer specific Line sheets
  • Trade Show Ordering  (Off-line Mobile)
  • Collaborative Ordering

Customized Products

  • Visual Product configurator
  • Image/Asset validation, approval workflows
  • Make to Order (MTO), Design your own, Stock embellishments
  • Live Pricing for embellishments

Current Season Ordering

  •  Replenishment and Re-orders
  • Stock and Available to Promise (ATP) check
  • Targeted Promotions/Close outs
  • Suggested Orders

Vendor Portal

  • Vendor Self Service
  • Supply Operations view
  • PO collaboration
  • MTO – Print/embroidery files for production

SeasonOne Offers You

Early and Accurate Demand Visibility

Long lead times make it critical to improve forecast accuracy. Bring sales, product line managers, and retailers together on one collaborative platform to build accurate forecasts for every new season.

Lower cost to serve

Right align your Sales and Customer Service costs with Fully serviced, Assisted Service, and Self serviced models on one platform.

One Platform for All Customer Engagement

Replace multiple applications (e-catalog, pre-book, re-order, product configurator, web mobile) with one connected multi-channel platform to serve the needs of commercial teams, customers and channel partners.

Digitize your Pre-Book Sales

Improve sales velocity with collaborative Pre-book ordering on web, mobile and connected order forms. Shrink time form Showroom to confirmed order.



Stop with the sub-par service delivery to customers

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Stop with the sub-par service delivery to customers

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Actively Pursuing your goals

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