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Yes, both brand managers and product line managers can publish collections to the website or the mobile app to enable timely promotions.

Certainly. SeasonOne helps your reps build line sheets that help them strategize to your customers’ buying needs and offer them intuitive options. Reps can then share the line sheet with customers and prospects to help you ring in more sales and cross-sell and upsell. The created line sheet that lists products specifically chosen for the particular customer can be shared in PDF format using any mobile device.

Yes, they can! Customers can easily place orders for multiple products from right off the line sheet. This is the best way to make ordering a breeze for your existing customers. Sales reps can also take the orders by directly communicating with customers and place these orders on their behalf on order forms.

With SeasonOne, rep managers can stay informed on sales rep and customer behavior and be better informed to work on sales optimization plans and strategies. They can also use the app to build on pricing, promotions and discounts as they deem fit.

Your customers can use SeasonOne to access their orders, check inventory, and peruse catalogs via their mobile device or desktop. They can also access the ecatalogs through the emails you share with them and place orders via the app.

Absolutely! SeasonOne has the ability to reduce the number of touchpoints that your customer service agent has to be involved in the customer buying journey. The supporting data that customer service agents usually provide to customers can now be shared by the sales reps, thereby reducing the number of customer service agent touchpoints.

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