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With SAP Commerce Cloud, you can get up and running quickly to manage multiple online stores. On a single, cloud-based platform, you can integrate all your digital customer touch points – including online, mobile, and social media. In this way, you can offer seamless commerce experiences in any industry anywhere in the world.

In our live webinar next week, we will discuss the realities of having the right-sized solution that provides comprehensive functionality to support you as you do business online. You will also hear about how to enable easy-to-use shopping cart and checkout features for your business that make it straightforward for customers to purchase your products. Most important, we will give you the details of six proven strategies to facilitate an efficient product discovery experience for shoppers.

  • Provide high-quality product details across all channels
  • Enrich and personalize the commerce experience
  • Drive conversion rates
  • Boost your bottom line by promoting products that are truly relevant to the customer and most profitable for your business
  • Deliver capabilities in the cloud
  • Enable the business agility you need to compete

This training event is not based on theory, but rather on the specific strategies and tactics developed by top international commerce experts Tippy Lotterer and Nitin Patki. Tippy and Nitin have been instrumental in helping many leading corporations to close many substantial deals. Several examples of successful ecommerce practices will be provided.

As a result of attending this event, you will learn how to:

  • Make it easier for your customers to buy.
  • Take your business online with the SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Manage all your product content from a single information repository
  • Manage multiple catalogs in numerous languages and locales

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