Silverpop – SAP CRM Solution

Silverpop is a leading company that offers digital marketing solutions across the globe. In partnership with Silverpop, Knack Systems offers you a connector for consistent integration of Silverpop’s SaaS-based marketing solution with SAP’s CRM.

Business Benefits of Knack Systems’ Silverpop – SAP CRM solution

  • Complete, seamless integration between the Silverpop and SAP CRM systems
  • Ability to enhance effectiveness by identifying profitable leads using SAP CRM and creating and sending them unlimited targeted emails using the Silverpop third-party solution
  • Sophisticated campaign management and effortless content creation and management
  • Customized and directed content to stimulate interaction with potential buyers and customers
  • Accumulated in-actual-time tracking details, such as specifics of opened links, bounces, and CTRs (click-throughs) for every marketing campaign
  • Contact level tracking data
  • Integration of Silverpop database with campaign channel

Knack Systems’ Silverpop – SAP CRM solution is the ideal choice for customers looking for a seamless integration that lets them leverage the best of both, Silverpop as well as SAP CRM.

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