Marketo – SAP CRM Integration

SAP CRM is a best-in-class CRM transactional system for Marketing, Sales, and Service. Its marketing features can further be augmented by cloud-based Marketo application, which is known for its feature-rich content design environment, campaign execution/automation, tracking, lead nurturing, and mobile marketing capabilities.

Knack Systems has developed a SAP CRM-Marketo application (Marketo<>Connect), which enables end-to-end process integration between SAP CRM and Marketo. This level of SAP CRM integration with Marketo enables businesses to accelerate revenue generation. Marketo<>Connect helps customers achieve seamless bi-directional integration of CRM Business Partner and Marketo Lead and also provides integration of campaigns and real-time visibility of tracking data from Marketo.

The Marketo integration assists marketing and business operations specialists in consolidating data and automating complicated business processes between Marketo and other systems. Furthermore, the Marketo integration enables sending direct automated messages to customers when they perform a particular action. Our all-inclusive Marketo integration grants teams the power to precisely publish their content via the connector into Marketo landing pages for distribution.

Ensure your clients and leads view prime, customized content across all your communication platforms with Knack Systems’ SAP CRM-Marketo integration

Sync nurtured Leads into CRM:

Ability to use Marketo’s lead nurturing capability and synchronize with SAP CRM for improved lead management and distribution

Mass(Initial) Load of Business Partner:

Ability to do mass upload of business partner data from CRM into Marketo

Campaign integration:

Ability to execute campaign from CRM and integrate the target group into Marketo for campaign execution and e-mail sending

Seamless bi-directional integration of CRM BP and Marketo Lead:

Ability to seamlessly integrate (bi-directional) CRM Business Partner (Contact/Prospect) and Marketo Lead real-time

Contact Level Tracking:

Ability to track and display Contact Level tracking of Marketo campaigns and e-mail sent information

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