Facebook – SAP CRM Solution

FB<>Connect is Knack Systems’ Facebook application that allows customers to integrate their Facebook marketing with SAP CRM. It offers a seamless integration that enables being in touch with prospects on a real-time basis through social channels, and executing sales, service, and marketing campaigns using the core SAP CRM system. As a result, customers can benefit with more effective management and better revenues.

Business Benefits of Knack Systems’ FB<>Connect solution

  • Increased reach for marketing campaigns through the broadcasting of messages, promotions and offers on social media
  • Elimination of time spent in entering duplicate data
  • Increased customer satisfaction as a result of being able to service customers quickly and effectively
  • Enhanced sales and brand awareness by enabling a web-shop on the most powerful social media platform
  • Opportunity to activate and manage marketing campaigns, web shop for sales, product registration for service, and many other CRM processes on Facebook
  • Revenue generation by increasing the prospects’ base and engaging with them real-time
  • Powerful inbound channel to engage with the organization’s customers through effective marketing campaigns
  • Conversion of prospects to loyal customers who are more receptive to offers/promotions on social media
  • Conversion of customers to brand ambassadors who will play an active role in sharing your marketing campaign with a larger audience, creating an impact similar to that of a viral marketing campaign

FB<>Connect is the right way forward for customers who want to harness the potential of social media and take it to the next level by seamlessly integrating it with the capabilities of SAP CRM.

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