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The Wholesale Distributor’s Guide to Maximize Revenue with CPQ

CPQ solutions designed for the wholesale distribution industry go a long way to get rid of time-intensive processes involving the creation of quotes for customers and prospects—processes that usually eat up multiple weeks of time for complicated configurations and pricing models.

Adapt your business to increase deal size with large volume of products and services your customers want.

SAP CPQ gets you the flexibility you need to on-board reps faster with price, up-sell, and cross-sell recommendations and the power to negotiate less and win more deals with the right price and product mix.

The first step to moving toward efficient sales processes is to learn about everything a CPQ designed for the Wholesale Distribution industry has to offer. Our complimentary solution guide includes steps to boost sales and achieve process efficiency, including tips to:


Improve sales experience and refine sales execution


Set guardrails to protect margins and increase deal size and velocity


Reduce contracting risk and shorten sales cycles

Download the solution guide to learn more about the intelligent SAP CPQ solution.