Choosing a customer engagement platform in a New York minute

Customers have towering expectations today, and they engage only with businesses they have confidence in. Nevertheless, numerous businesses are not gaining that confidence or really centering their efforts on their customers to establish significant engagement. And that is revealed in their performance in the market and their internal metrics, particularly customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores.

Picking a customer engagement software platform can be intimidating. However, we have your back. Ovum—the independent analyst and consultancy firm—has put together this checklist of things to think about when assessing diverse providers to help you stay on course.

By taking care to keep this Ovum report in sight during research — or leveraging it to interview your vendor in the course of a sales pitch — you will be able to unveil each customer engagement solution’s veiled disadvantages and make a knowledgeable decision about which customer engagement solution is right for your business.

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