Quick innovation guide for your law & accounting firm

Innovation and law & accounting firms? No way! They don’t go together!

This is what most people think of this industry. But, is there a reason things should stay that way for your firm? Let’s run a quick check to find out.

Can you relate to any of the three facts pertaining to law & accounting firms presented below?

Fact 1: There is extreme attention aimed at “the here and now” in professional service firms and inadequate focus on the future.

Fact 2: Professional service firms are compelled, for the most part, by billable hours. Any point at which someone is found to be not billable, they are perceived as not contribute value. Ultimately, sparing someone to take up the task of innovation means allowing someone to “stop adding value” by not being billable.

Fact 3: Most law & accounting firms also do not have in place a process for enabling innovation in an effective manner so they frequently spend much time getting caught preoccupied with minutiae that don’t matter.

Were you able to relate to these facts? If your answer is yes, then know that there is nevertheless hope for the professional service firm that wishes to innovate and evolve.

To see how you can take a shortcut to becoming more competitive and protect yourself from market forces, download this comprehensive cheatsheet.

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