Partner Self Service Portal

Essentially, though partners/dealers understand that there is an undeniable dependence they have on the manufacturers for a lot of requirements, they obviously wish to oversee and influence their own operations. However, currently, partners/dealers have no direct way to access information about their orders, get information on products availability, access their credit information, and find out about any outstanding payments. As partners/dealers prefer operating in a self-sufficient manner, they want to be able to perform this activity any time they want and without too many complications.

Partner Self-Service Portal

Knack Systems’ Partner Self-Service Portal provides partners/dealers with visibility into the manufacturer’s inventory, their orders, and payment and credit status. This is enabled by leveraging SAP C/4HANA and Knack Systems’ Partner Self-Service Portal capabilities that aim to reduce the dependence of partners/dealers on manufacturers and increase their operational efficiency.

Key Business Benefits

  • Effective planning and execution of dealer’s sales inventory
  • Partners/Dealers gain visibility into inventory, orders, and payment & credit status
  • Partners/Dealers are able to better serve end-users due to visibility into accurate order information
Self Service

Knack Systems’ Partner Self-Service Portal

Implementation Timeline: NA

Implementation Prerequisite: Existing SAP C/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform

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As a premium SAP Partner offering extensive SAP solutions and industry expertise, our SAP Cloud-certified implementation experts help our clients achieve accelerated, agile, and smooth business operations in today’s digital economy.

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Knack Systems is a customer-centric organization. Historically, we’ve developed long-term relationships and have engaged in more than one project with nearly all of our customers. We have customers in 12 diverse industries including component manufacturing, professional services, consumer products, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, and life sciences.

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We have over 300 team members onsite and offshore who specialize in SAP Cloud Solutions, CRM, Mobility, Commerce, and a range of extended solutions. At Knack Systems, we take a holistic approach to our work, not just focusing on the technology, but also on the business process transformation, user adoption, enablement, customer experience, and change management that comes with each project. Our team comprises of resources that bring deep industry knowledge and experience.

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