As manufacturers, a strong partnership and an effective collaboration with their dealer network is the key success factor in achieving profitability for both the manufacturer and their dealers. One of the key challenges faced by both manufacturers and dealers in dealer-oriented manufacturing is a lack of greater ability to share their inventory information. This leads to a number of challenges, including inability to meet customer demand or, in some cases the opposite, which is overstocking, due to which the dealer ends up having greater capital tied up to their inventory.

Partner Inventory Solutions for Dealer-Oriented Manufacturers

Knack Systems’ Partner Inventory solution for dealer-oriented manufacturers empowers channel partners and sales organizations equally to effectively manage and collaborate with the partner ecosystem. This is enabled by leveraging SAP C/4HANA and Knack Systems’ Partner Inventory solution capabilities that aim to improve collaboration between manufacturer and the dealer ecosystem and increase operational efficiency.

Key Business Benefits

  • Visibility into inventory movement at the dealer level will help manufacturer in better product planning and execution
  • Visibility into dealer’s inventory will help the dealer sell more by allowing the manufacturer to support them with any fund or marketing initiative
  • Increased sales and reduction in inventory and fulfillment costs via reduction of stock holding cost or an emergency purchase
  • Improved service department productivity and parts department efficiency via effective collaboration and part logistic

Knack Systems’ Partner Inventory solution – Value Added Services

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Knack Systems’ Partner Inventory solution

Implementation Timeline: 3-4 weeks

Implementation Prerequisite: Existing SAP C/4HANA

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As a Premium SAP Partner offering extensive SAP solutions and industry expertise, our SAP Cloud-certified implementation experts help our clients achieve accelerated, agile, and smooth business operations in today’s digital economy.

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Knack Systems is a customer-centric organization. Historically, we’ve developed long-term relationships and have engaged in more than one project with nearly all of our customers. We have customers in 12 diverse industries including Chemical, IM&C, OEM, Hitech, CPG, Real Estate, Pharma, Life Science, Consumer Durable, Whole and Distribution, and Medical Devices.

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We have over 300 team members onsite and offshore who specialize in SAP Cloud Solutions, CRM, Mobility, Commerce, and a range of extended solutions. At Knack Systems, we take a holistic approach to our work, not just focusing on the technology, but also on the business process transformation, user adoption, enablement, customer experience, and change management that comes with each project. Our team comprises of resources that bring deep industry knowledge and experience.

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