How to ensure speed-to-market when you are just starting off with B2B ecommerce

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With the marketplace experiencing a transformation toward tailored consumerization, there is a need to now move “commerce” out of the back office, away from its legacy systems, and make it real-time and more customer-centric. Processes now need to be omnichannel and flow seamlessly across the many platforms that customers might utilize, including desktop, mobile, and in-person. Is all of this achievable for a business just starting out with commerce?

The answer is Yes.

In this session, we will look at the anatomy of a new B2B ecommerce platform and dive into the process to be followed for choosing between managed services and on-demand.

We’ll explore and demo a unique approach to evaluating commerce platform providers in terms of speed, agility of the solution, internationalization, and integration with other systems. Learn about:

  • ◉     The roles of the departments that use and interact with digital commerce platforms
  • ◉     The must-have ecommerce features (out of the box)
  • ◉     The ecommerce features that can wait
  • ◉     The process that can accomplish all this within just 90 days

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